Tuesday, February 22

13 days and counting

Evening, so seeing as my Mum and Dad have gone away for 2 weeks and left me in the household, I decided to perk myself up and spend some money. Not alot however, as I don't get paid till the 28th and I keep buying without checking how much I've got in the bank! (I'm probably overdrawn...) I found a nail varnish I wanted but couldn't decide, so I ended up buying 3... not good. But they were only £1.99 each! There from Superdrug on a Make-up section called, Beauty UK. I've only just discovered this brand and it's pretty cheap! So I had a little browse with a pal from work.
 I haven't yet used them so I don't really know what they are like! This one is called 'Peach Melba', which I thought would be quite nice as a neutral colour, it's not complicated and it'll go with pretty much any outfit!
This one is 'Soft Green', though it doesn't look so soft to me! It does look really bright from the bottle, but I fancied a bit of a lairy colour for now and for summer. It'll be a statement on any outfit and I don't think it really needs to link with what you wear, it can be the thing that stands out!

I did buy another one called 'Pink Explosion' but I can't find a picture for it, so I'll be sure to take a photo of my nails and pop it on here! If I remember...

Monday, February 21


Hello, I'm Bec, I did already have a blog but I hardly had the time to get on here to write anything so I thought I'd start a fresh. I'm going to base this on Make-up, hopefully, if I don't get distracted! I'm always getting ideas from other people of what I can explore next with Make-up so I thought I'd share it all here! I am a complete Make-upaholic, as alot of other people are. But as it's not so simple just to walk into that industry I thought I'd start by... making a blog? Probably not the best of ideas but I'll give it a go!

Lately I've been watching 2 ladies on youtube by the username of 'pixiwoo'. I just realised they've also got a blog so I'll link it here!

As it's hopefully going to be summer soon I thought I'd have a bright background on here but also show you one of pixiwoo's videos related to summer that I've just watched.

I'll more than likely post little links on here too relating to Make-up products that you can pick up in stores! One thing I quickly want to post is that, I never knew Tom Ford did a small make up range! I bought the aftershave for my boyfriend for christmas but had no idea they also did a sneaky beauty range.

I especially love this lipstick 'Black orchid' from Tom Ford but at a pricey £35 I'd more than likely opt for another!

I found a similar one to this in the Body Shop called 'Velvet Wine'. At £9 I decided to buy this one! Sorry about the diddy photo, it's all I could find. But if you like this one then you know where to get one similar!