Wednesday, December 7


I just uploaded a video on my YouTube for y'allllll.

Counting down the days till Papa Claus is here!

Monday, December 5

I shouldn't be buying myself presents when Santa is here in 20 days...

So I accidentally took a trip to MAC. Bought some stuff, obviously. But in all seriousness, I did need a new blusher! So I picked these babies up:

 A cheeky little paint pot and a creme blush!

The paint pot is in 'Bare Study', a fairly popular one!
And the creme blush is in 'Posey'.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't own ALOT of MAC products, but my collection is slowly growing. 
The paint pot was around £13 and the Blush was roughly £17.

Here is a rough swatch of the 2 products. Obviously they look much better on your face but I've been lazy and not taken a picture! I apply both of these with my fingers, which I'm not keen about as I'm a bit OCD. But I manage to manage in the mornings!

Can you believe its 20 days till Christmas? Whaaaatt the hell!

Sunday, October 23

Is this getting ridiculous?

So I've just realised I probably have way too many perfumes. Though there's 9 here, I actually have 12... only the pretty ones make my dressing table! (...snob!) :)

The newest edition is the absolute gorgeous Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose. Oh-my-goodness. What a beaut. I honestly can't get over how good it smells! (in the picture it's the first one on the left at the front; purple bottle) It smells just like blackcurrant. I could almost drink it, obviously I wouldn't, but... I'm tempted!
If you're out and about try and get a sample of this or at least a tester. If you like sweet fruity yet strong notes in a perfume, believe me when I say, this won't let you down! It's also an Eau de Parfum. Therefore it'll last longer than your average Eau de Toilette.


Anyway, as I write this I'm on my iPhone on the blogging app! I realised I should probably post something as it looks like I've gone off the face of the earth! I may start doing videos again soon, got so much make up/clothes etc etc to show you! But once again, I get little time now I'm in the real world with a full time job!
The October glossybox was an absolute treat this month also! So hopefully I'll get a video of that up soon!

Sorry for the absence guys :(
I promise to be back soon.

Lotsa lurve! Xx

Tuesday, August 23

A little update...

So for all of you guys that read my blog, I thought I'd give you a little update as to why I haven't been posting as much!

I recently got a new job, full time, with... Dior!
Very exciting!

I've been training, going up and down london every week and I literally haven't had the time to post, or I've been too tired! I even forgot about my August GlossyBox coming through! (I wasn't that pleased with it!)

Just wanted to let you know, I'm still here, I'm just struggling to fit the time in to post at the moment!
I've bought some new products lately that I really want to share with you all and soon enough I'm sure I'll be able to share posh Dior products too!

But I hope you're all well! If you've got any ideas of things I can post, or things I can post that aren't time consuming, let me know!

Hope you're well!
Talk soon!

Bec. xxx

Thursday, August 4

Sleek Pout Paint

Went and bought the newly released, Sleek Pout Paint the other day! Sorry I haven't been blogging recently, haven't really felt up to it! I've been doing loads of interviews for jobs etc, so I'm pretty stressed out atm!
And because of all this, I decided for a little pick me up and bought these items.

My first ever MUA product, a £1 lipstick!
The new Pout Paints by Sleek in the colours, (l-r) 161 Minx and 162 Milkshake.

I've been waiting for the pout paints to come out and luckily found them in a near by Superdrug store. 

All of the colours were pretty crazy so I pretty much decided on the most natural ones. 
Here are the others:

I'm pretty sure this idea has come from the OCC Lip Tars in America. 
If you haven't heard of these items click here for the OCC website.
I've always wanted to try the OCC Lip Tars ever since I found out about them but didn't think I could get my hands on them until I found this website. So, I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering some soon!

So here's an emphasis of how the paint pout works. A little goes a very long way! You literally only need the tiniest amount. 

(A blob even smaller than this)

(Here's the blob spread)

Here is 162 Milkshake:

A little bit defeating in colour. I'd say it's a little lighter than what it looks in the tube. The texture is kind of watery but thick. I picked these 2 colours up thinking they looked natural and they don't really, look? natural? Hmm...

Here is 161 Minx:

You can see the difference between the 2 but I don't if I'd say either of them are natural. 

Apart from this, the product is nice but at this stage, I'm debatable as to whether I'd purchase them again. Simply because of the price and the range of colours. They were £5 each. You can mix the colours together so I'll try that soon. But at the moment, I'm not won over. I do still want to try the OCC Lip Tars and I'll probably order some now to compare them against Sleek's idea.

What do you think?

Aaaaaaaand lasly, the MUA lipstick in shade 7:

Like this! Good for a £1. As are all the other products! I'd say this is a very good pigment for the price you pay and the lipstick does feel strangely moisturising which you wouldn't expect. But yes! Lovely product, more than likely going to look at the rest of the range now!

So I hope you're all well!
Feel free to give me ideas on what to blog/video on as I'm not sure at the moment!

Bye for now! 

Monday, August 1

My new babies

I'm getting bad at posting lately, but I simply haven't bought alot! Also, I've gotta watch my money!

Saying that... I did splurge out and buy these gorgeous shoes from Office.

Oh, wow.
I love them! I was looking for a new pair as I was going out that night and fancied treating myself. Oops!
I knew I wanted wedges in a kind of nude colour, so that's what I was aiming for! (As I hate shopping aimlessly!)
Went in Primark, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, you name it, I went there. Then this gorgeous pair caught my eye! Originally they were £65 (depressing, I know) But after a nice lady who works there saw me looking at them, she asked "What are you thinking?" I simply said, "I like the shoes! I just don't like the price!" (Hahaaaa...)
And with saying that, BAM! "Would it tempt you if I said I'll give you 10% off?"

"Eeeerrrrrr, yes!"

So, it just goes to show with a bit of bartering, you can get somewhere!
I know it was only about £6 off, but still, better than nothing!

And then...

I went shopping round my local area and found these beauties in another shop! For some reason, I'm really into wedges at the moment!

They look much better on! This photo doesn't really do them justice.
But I fancied a pair of lower wedges to wear casually! I'm pretty tall anyway, about 5"6/7. So this height was just, ok. I still look tall with them but not massive.
And the best of all, they were only, £5! Whaaaaaattt!
They were from a shop called 'Risky' (cringe I know).

But for a fiver! I'm definately not complaining!

Tuesday, July 26

Just in case you didn't know...

Forever21 Grand Opening tomorrow in London!

Excited! I know where I'll be on the 28th! 

Also, sorry I haven't posted for a little while, I simply haven't bought anything! I've done a few YouTube videos lately, so check them out if you're missing me! (ha...)

Hope you're all well! If you got any ideas on what you want me to post on, or do a video on, please let me know! As I'm kinda struggling. 
(I know what I'll be posting about when I've been to F21!)


Friday, July 22


I finally caved in and subscribed to GlossyBox!
Pretty glad I did as this month's box is an absolute treat! I applied at the end of May for the box so I've been waiting ages!

So, I thought I'd share a video with you all (as I'm sure all the other GlossyBox subscribers will) as I'm feeling lazy and can't be bothered to type! The products in the box amount to over £50, which I didn't mention, so it's honestly completely worth it, if you like the products!

Hope you're all well.

(not sure why this video is going all over the place!)

Saturday, July 16

Make-Up Swap!

So excited! I just received my package from the lovely, Sophie!
We've been emailing for a few weeks and decided to indulge in a make-up swap. There are some things here in the UK that Sophie wanted and there were some things in the US I wanted! (Which either of us can get in our countries...)

So, here's the beautiful package that got delivered today!

Warning: Picture heavy post!

Lovely packaging! and a sweet smell of cakes?! 

Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette (which is the main thing I wanted!)
B&B Candle - Pineaplle Orchid (smells absolutely gorgeous, fruity and zingy)
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Flower Girl (Sophie uses this as an upper cheek highlight, as will I!)
UD xxx Cooling Lip Gloss (Never tried an UD gloss, so this will be exciting!)
Wet n' Wild in Wineroom  (As I like grapey coloured lipsticks!)
Essence Lipliner in Soft Berry (Will use this for extra grapey lips!)
Wet n' Wild Eyeliner in Purple (Bold statement!)

UD xxx & Victoria Secret products.

Wet n' Wild lipliner and eyeliner.

Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette and B&B Candle.

Wet n' Wild grape lipstick.

So that's what I got. I'm so happy too! 
I'm super excited to try the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette as that was the main thing I wanted. Seeing loads of good reviews on it and not being able to get in the UK, I knew I wanted to try it. Therefore, I'll be sure to do a single post on it to show you what it looks like! 

That's all I think. Gonna go and try out these products! 
Adios! x

Friday, July 15

Big, bouncy and aussie.

Went shopping today with my friend Kate to Bluewater cruising with the roof down!
Picked up a few bits that I really shouldn't have seeing as my bank account doesn't look too pretty! But here they are:

I picked up this gorgeous mustard/yellow coloured bikini from Urban Outfitters for only £10! 
It's by Cheap Monday and was reduced from £30. HUGE Bargain! The colour looks better in real life, but it was the mustard shade that made me pick it out! Bandeau style top and wide sided bottoms. Really love this! Seeing as I'm planning a holiday for this year, this will come in handy! I'd never really to think to look for a bikini in Urban Outfitters but glad I did now I've found this beauty!

The fairly new Caribbean Collection from Sleek! (Sorry about the finger dip!)
 I saw this Pout Polish featured on another blog and thought I just had to get it! I feel like I can get away with orange colours so needed to try it haha! This orange SPF15 polish is called 'Bonaire' enriched with jojoba, avocado and sweet almond oil which glides on with a tint of orange glow to the lips. Really summery and really great for a quick lip pick-up! It's Limited Edition so if you like this, you better get it quick! I bought this in Superdrug for £4.49. 
I was also after the Caribbean Collection Blush called Aruba. The colour looks really daunting in the pot, though with a light sweep, you get a lovely Coral hue!

Carex Hand Gel: I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to washing my hands, so figured this would be great to leave in my bag for a quick sproose up! You only need one pump for a whole cleanse. Also, this is a moisture plus, so makes it feel like you've properly washed your hands with gel and water! This was £1.40 from Boots.

Aussie Curl Definition & Soft Feel Serum: I got this in Superdrug as they were doing a '2 for £6' Aussie deal! I obviously couldn't refuse. I've been wearing my hair 'au naturel' lately and hardly straighten it. So it's in pretty good condition atm which I'm pleased about. My hair is naturally straight, but I wouldn't mind a natural wave some days, so picked this up! It's a serum that catches the curls in your hair to give them a full definition and soft feel. A coin size amount of the product is more than enough for your whole head, considering how much hair you've got. The smell is gorgeous and my hair felt instantly smooth when applied. I can already see small flicks and curls developing. So, a good buy!

Aussie Curl Defining & Shine Mousse: Just to match the other product I picked up this curl defining mousse. I thought it would work well with the other one for extra defined curls. Use this on damp hair and scrunch for curls. For EXTRA curls, once your hair is dry, use a curling iron to style! I think I'll use the Serum more, but then I've always got this as an option! Both products smell lovely!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Big & Bouncy XXL Volume: Oh my word, I can not emphasize how volumising this is! Bit of a horrible photo but I wanted to show you it actually works! 
I honestly can't believe how volumising this is haha. (I better stop saying it!) I sprayed this into my roots, massaged and scrunched it a bit, and VOILA! Instant Boof! With an extra bit of hair spray, this boofyness won't drop. A-ma-zing. It's a bigger bottle than the ordinary Batiste at a price of £3.99 from Boots. Really glad I got this. Normally I only use Batiste on the days where I can't be bothered to wash my hair, but with these results, I think I'll be spraying it into my hair more often! 

Aaaaand I think that's all! Does anyone know where I can get Morrocan Hair Oil from? Been hunting everywhere! Also, super excited to get my first Glossy Box this month. I finally gave in and subscribed!

Hope you're all well! 

Wednesday, July 13

I love Barry

Posting quite a lot now cos I feel bad for not posting for over a week!
Just painted my nails so thought I'd show you my new design! 

Basic but tricky! I'll show you another pic of how I done it...

Simply by taking some masking tape and placing it on my nail where my white tip starts! Sounds easy, but it can be kind of tricky! I made sure the tape wasn't too sticky by touching it a few times, as I had previously put on a base coat, and didn't want that to come off! Then I simply took my polish colour and painted on the tip, not mattering if I got it on the tape or not!
In this look I used 'Peach Melba' by BarryM. I was originally going to use black, but I think I need a new one! I don't always choose to use BarryM, it's just because I've got a ridiculous collection of the colours, so it works quite well!

I then topped off the look by using BarryM, topcoat, basecoat & nail hardener to give that shiny effect!
Not sure why I went for this look, think I wasn't too bothered about having something crazy, so went for subtle but interesting!

So here's the collection.


Tuesday, July 12

Collection 2000 Bargain New Mascara!

Collection 2000 have recently bought out this new mascara.
'Super Size Fat Lash'
It says, 'Supersize your lashes! Super volumising mascara for big bold lashes'. I got this in Superdrug when I noticed Collection 2000 were doing a offer, 'any products £2.99 and under, get 2 for £5. So, obviously, I jumped at the chance and bought 2 things for a fiver. I got a lipstick for a friend and knew I needed a new mascara, so thought I'd give this a go!
Seeing as some Collection 2000 products are really good, I wondered if this would be too!
But, after applying the mascara to one eye and seeing the outcome, I'm not sure I'm pleased.

So this is with.

And this is without.

To say the least, I'm pretty disappointed! The packaging states, 'big bold lashes' and I don't think I can see any! I'm thinking that it might of been £2.99 for a reason. I did only pick this up on a whim of trying a new mascara but I am quite disappointed. I like my lashes big and bold! You can see a difference in the photos, but I don't think these lashes would stay elevated and maybe a re-application would be necessary!

So I'd say, if you're gonna get the £5 deal for 2 items, go for 2 lipsticks or something else! 


Monday, July 11


I can't believe I haven't posted for over a week! Terrible! Sorry!

I don't think I've posted because I literally haven't bought anything exciting or make-up related. I did buy some clothes in the sale so I'll be sure to pop photos of those up when I can.

I've been really busy too. The last week I've had a few interviews so I've been preparing, researching, finding clothes to wear etc etc!

But for now I'll show you a glimpse of my latest nail look!

Cute and Summery I think!

To get this look I used:

BarryM products! My collection of BarryM is growing more and more, I forget what colours I've got! First up I used the;
Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail Hardener
Along with, Berry
and then... Silver Cascade (which is a newbie to my collection) on my ring fingers!

I got the Silver Cascade polish in Topshop at Oxford Street. I've never seen it in any of my local BarryM boutiques so I'm figuring up the city is where you'll find it easiest to get! It's a really great selection of glitter and doesn't budge for anyone! (I can warn you it is a bit of a pain when you want to get it off!)

I forgot I had the colour Berry so it was nice to use this again! Fits in well for this weather which doesn't want to make up it's mind! 


Have any of you tried this?

New - John Frieda: Precision Foam Colour

I got my hair cut the other day but normally colour it myself, as I find it cheaper! My hairdresser and I get along quite well and she insisted I NEEDED to dye my roots. Haha! Normally I use Schwarzkopf XXL Colour (whatever it's called...) But Sarah (hairdresser) recommended this one by John Frieda. 
I must admit I'm a little scared to use it as it's not your normal dye, but a foam instead! Eek! 
I decided to get this colour; Deep Cherry Brown as I fancy a tinge of red in there!

So if any of you have used it please tell me what it's like and how to properly use it! I'm sure I'll manage but any help or tips would be great! I would love to do my hair Ombre/Dip dye style, but I just don't think it's long enough! I'm in one of those stages at the moment where I don't know what to do with my barnet! Therefore I'm just going to leave it and let it grow.

I think I may do this colour today, so I'll be sure to take a before and after photo!


Vera Wang; Lovestruck

I was watching Fleur (FleurDeForce) on YouTube and she spoke about this new perfume by Vera Wang called Lovestruck. Normally I don't really look for new perfumes as I love the ones I've already got! But after a good ole trip to Boots, I saw the huge stand for Lovestruck and then saw some cheeky samples! I didn't think I would like this, but the more I smell my small sample, the more I fall in love with it! 
Not to mention the packaging! Oh my, it's probably the prettiest perfume bottle I've ever seen!

Here is the description:

Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume is the brand new fragrance from Vera Wang. It is all about being overwhelmed, inexplicably, hopelessly in love. Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume opens with notes of exotic and juicy pink guava and soothing angelica blossom. The middle notes bloom with tones of intoxicating and sensual tuberose with aquatic lotus flower, whilst recious woody notes and sheer musk form rich and longlasting base 

 Whether or not I purchase this, I don't know. I think I may have to give my boyfriend a little hint!

Other News...
I am currently in the process of doing a make-up swap with a lovely lady called Sophie from America! Check out her blog linked! So that could be why I've been busy too! I'm about to send her pressies today. I can't wait to get mine so I can do a blog post on them!

I promise to be back soon with more posts! Hope you're all well!

Thursday, June 30

Double Dare

So, Fabulous magazine in The News of the World are looking for their next 'model', for their magazine.

My parents have dared me to enter...

If you think I'm capable and have facebook! Give me a vote!

I'm not so sure haha. (Sorry in advance for the really posey photo!)

Oh hey posey photo link!


Saturday, June 25

BarryM & MAC

Today I went shopping with my babes Chellsie (check out her blog!) to London town. Seeing as there was sales literally, everywhere, we had a little spree. Typically I just bought some make-up and nail polishes! So I thought I'd make a quick post to share them with you!

These were my buys of the day! Not really alot, but alot in price!
How gorgeous is that sparkly nail polish!

The polish is called 'Silver Cascade' 
Chellsie introduced me to this one and I absolutely love it! Reminds me of a circus! Can't wait to try it on my nails! 

 Here's a quick swatch just over my original nail polish! 
The pink polish in the photo is called, 'Pink Flamingo'. I think this will look gorgeous for the summer, I don't wear pinks alot! So thought it'd be a good opportunity to buy a good ole BarryM one!

MAC lipsticks! 

(Left with flash, Right without)
These 2 are called; 
(Frost) CB 96 (not sure on that name?!) -Orange
(Creamsheen) Crosswires -Pink

Love these colours! I really fancied an orangey colour for summer as I think I can pull it off haha! 
Aaaaand then I thought I'd just treat myself and buy 2! These were £13.50 each. Really, I don't think that the price is that bad! Considering you're getting a good quality, high end lipstick, known to be a good brand. £13.50 I think is Ok!

(flash CB96)

(no flash CB96) 

(flash Crosswires)

(no flash Crosswires)

Just a quick post as I'm so tired from walking around for 7 hours!
Time for sleep, then I'm up in the morning for work! :(

Hope you're all well and enjoyed the lovely sun today!
Heat wave next week! (Apparently...)


Thursday, June 23

Free Benefit Gift with Grazia?!

Yet another freebie! Magazine's this month are rather impressive!

I never buy Grazia magazine, basically because I've never really looked it. But obviously I did when I saw this on the front of it! The offer is only for a week, so hopefully some of you have got this already! 

This will be the second set of Benefit products I have ever tried and I'm excited! I saw the skincare range ages ago but was never really too sure of it! So again, this is another perfect opportunity to 'try before you (properly) buy'.

Page 126 is where the freebie is at! All you have to do is fill in the small form (which I've now cut out) and take it to a Benefit Boutique at one of the major department stores, e.g Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis. Give it to one of the friendly ladies and you can redeem your free gift!

Here it is. Cute little box! Inside you get:
Moisturize - Spf 15 Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (sheer oil free facial lotion)
Cleanse - Foamingly Clean Facial Wash (1-step gentle facial wash)
Eyes - It's Potent! Eye Cream (brightening eye cream to fade dark circles)

Inside it looks like...

The bottles are only small. A little smaller than I thought they would be. But you do only need a small amount when using the products. As always, a 'pea' amount is recommended. However, it is a freebie so you can't really complain! The value of the product is £10. I really think this is a great way to try out products before you essentially buy them. Mainly because of the prices of products, we're put off! 

Really excited to try these. Especially the eye cream and wash. Actually, all of them! 

If you haven't already, you need to get your hands on one of these quick!

Monday, June 20

MD Formulations/Annoying little white spots!

(Beware! Information overload!)

Today I'm going to post about Milia. Or Milk spot/Oil seed as some may know it!

For those who don't know, Milia/Milium are very common and as far as I'm aware any age group, male or female can suffer from them, even babas and Myself included.

They are basically a small cyst that are trapped beneath the skin. Sometimes they can be mistaken for whiteheads or small spots etc. They can be hereditary (my Dad's got them) and some can appear by literally the products you use on your face. 

Here is a picture from Wikipedia.

If you're wondering why I apparently know so much about them, it's because I've literally been non stop researching them and trying products to get rid of them for ages! 
And finally, I think there may be a solution. 

MD Formulations is a brand associated with Bare Escentuals and after much research and asking for advice, ringing round, reading magazines. I came across a 'solution'

I first saw an extract in More Magazine which described those 'little white lumps' and how you can get rid of them!

2 ways; via a beauty therapist who knows what she's doing when it comes to Milia, so you'd have a facial/extract etc. OR a product that contains Glycolic Acid, which is a natural sugar.

Glycolic Acid basically helps stop dead skin cells getting trapped beneath the skin. A suggestion for this was a product by MD Formulations called very simply, Facial Lotion. (However it's now been updated and is called 'Continuous Renewal Serum')

(Sorry for the massive long writing post!) Unfortunately you can't buy MD products in shops or retail stores, but only by Salons or Beauty therapists.

So let me introduce you to my beloved. Milia. :/

You can double click on the photo to see them more close up! So I've got them on my eyelid, socket and now I'm noticing them around my temple and a little bit on my cheeks. NOT cool. To be fair, I can cover them fairly well with make-up, but the more I look in the mirror, which is every day (obv) the more I notice them. It's a self conscious thing I suppose, everyone else says they can't see them when I ask. But I think if doing something about it will make me feel better, then why not!

So after all this research, advice, questions, answers, etc etc etc! I went to a salon to get hold of this 'Continuous Renewal Serum'
The lady I saw was so genuine and put no pressure on me at all to buy the product, yet she told me exactly what I needed to know and even done a small session of Milia removal. 
Milia removal is basically; using a pin (a posh one) to take off the head of the Milia and then push the blockage out. Obviously you get a little mark when this is done, so ideally if you get the removal, get it when you're not going out anywhere that night! (If you don't want to be seen)

Here's a pic of my skin after the Milia was extracted.

Just 2 little blood spots. The skin bleeds once they have been removed and then scab over. It's really nothing major, but if you've got a whole face of scabs... I know I wouldn't want to go out!
All the removal felt like, was someone picking at a scab on my face. It really didn't hurt and was completely bearable. I'd say the only thing that did hurt, was when the therapist squeezed out the Milia (but not alot).

So the dollar! MD doesn't come cheap. Before going to the salon which I did, I rang around ALOT of places to compare prices and information etc. However, everyone came out with same price, but the salon I went to provided the most information.

Ready for the price? ... a depressing, £41. 

£41?!?!?!?!?!?! Terrible! 
But, I knew I wanted it, and my motto nowadays is '**** it'

So, I came away with this treasure!

There were other products such as a cleanser, moisturiser and sun protector. But I literally couldn't afford/didn't want to pay out, £80 for products that I've never used before. I had my sensible head on here! Because of this, my skin care regime will now consist of;

Clinique facial wash
Clinique cleanser
MD Formulations serum
Clinique Dramatic moisturiser

...and hopefully I should start noticing a difference. The only thing I had a complication with, is because I've already got the Milia, ideally, they would have to extracted for the product to really really work. BUT, the serum WILL still work otherwise. (But basically it'd just be a bit better to get them removed beforehand) Let me mention, the serum in the picture, provides 12% of Glycolic Acid which helps 'peel' the face. However, if you have a Glycolic/Milia extract facial, 40% of Glycolic Acid is used. So, really, the facial is more intense, but comes at a hefty price of £45. (More than the serum!) crazy...

At the place I went to, Milia removal was £15 for 15 minutes. Which I think is, O-k. But when you add up all the money you would be spending, it is alot. 

So. All I've got to do now is start using the serum. I've been told to use the serum in the mornings for 1 week, along with my other skin care products, and after 3-4 days, I should start noticing my skin getting softer. Then after the week, I'll start using the serum day and night.

Also, I think I may take a daily photo to notice any changes to my skin because of the serum! So keep your eyes peeled for a week fulfilled with my Milia face!

Sorry for all the info, but I hope this has helped anyone else who suffers with Milia, or anyone who finds information like this interesting! Cos' I know I do!

Hope you're all well.
Speak soon. x