Thursday, August 4

Sleek Pout Paint

Went and bought the newly released, Sleek Pout Paint the other day! Sorry I haven't been blogging recently, haven't really felt up to it! I've been doing loads of interviews for jobs etc, so I'm pretty stressed out atm!
And because of all this, I decided for a little pick me up and bought these items.

My first ever MUA product, a £1 lipstick!
The new Pout Paints by Sleek in the colours, (l-r) 161 Minx and 162 Milkshake.

I've been waiting for the pout paints to come out and luckily found them in a near by Superdrug store. 

All of the colours were pretty crazy so I pretty much decided on the most natural ones. 
Here are the others:

I'm pretty sure this idea has come from the OCC Lip Tars in America. 
If you haven't heard of these items click here for the OCC website.
I've always wanted to try the OCC Lip Tars ever since I found out about them but didn't think I could get my hands on them until I found this website. So, I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering some soon!

So here's an emphasis of how the paint pout works. A little goes a very long way! You literally only need the tiniest amount. 

(A blob even smaller than this)

(Here's the blob spread)

Here is 162 Milkshake:

A little bit defeating in colour. I'd say it's a little lighter than what it looks in the tube. The texture is kind of watery but thick. I picked these 2 colours up thinking they looked natural and they don't really, look? natural? Hmm...

Here is 161 Minx:

You can see the difference between the 2 but I don't if I'd say either of them are natural. 

Apart from this, the product is nice but at this stage, I'm debatable as to whether I'd purchase them again. Simply because of the price and the range of colours. They were £5 each. You can mix the colours together so I'll try that soon. But at the moment, I'm not won over. I do still want to try the OCC Lip Tars and I'll probably order some now to compare them against Sleek's idea.

What do you think?

Aaaaaaaand lasly, the MUA lipstick in shade 7:

Like this! Good for a £1. As are all the other products! I'd say this is a very good pigment for the price you pay and the lipstick does feel strangely moisturising which you wouldn't expect. But yes! Lovely product, more than likely going to look at the rest of the range now!

So I hope you're all well!
Feel free to give me ideas on what to blog/video on as I'm not sure at the moment!

Bye for now! 

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  1. the lipstick is gorgeous! they do seem to be a complete rip off of the occ lip tars but i want to try them anyway :)