Thursday, June 30

Double Dare

So, Fabulous magazine in The News of the World are looking for their next 'model', for their magazine.

My parents have dared me to enter...

If you think I'm capable and have facebook! Give me a vote!

I'm not so sure haha. (Sorry in advance for the really posey photo!)

Oh hey posey photo link!


Saturday, June 25

BarryM & MAC

Today I went shopping with my babes Chellsie (check out her blog!) to London town. Seeing as there was sales literally, everywhere, we had a little spree. Typically I just bought some make-up and nail polishes! So I thought I'd make a quick post to share them with you!

These were my buys of the day! Not really alot, but alot in price!
How gorgeous is that sparkly nail polish!

The polish is called 'Silver Cascade' 
Chellsie introduced me to this one and I absolutely love it! Reminds me of a circus! Can't wait to try it on my nails! 

 Here's a quick swatch just over my original nail polish! 
The pink polish in the photo is called, 'Pink Flamingo'. I think this will look gorgeous for the summer, I don't wear pinks alot! So thought it'd be a good opportunity to buy a good ole BarryM one!

MAC lipsticks! 

(Left with flash, Right without)
These 2 are called; 
(Frost) CB 96 (not sure on that name?!) -Orange
(Creamsheen) Crosswires -Pink

Love these colours! I really fancied an orangey colour for summer as I think I can pull it off haha! 
Aaaaand then I thought I'd just treat myself and buy 2! These were £13.50 each. Really, I don't think that the price is that bad! Considering you're getting a good quality, high end lipstick, known to be a good brand. £13.50 I think is Ok!

(flash CB96)

(no flash CB96) 

(flash Crosswires)

(no flash Crosswires)

Just a quick post as I'm so tired from walking around for 7 hours!
Time for sleep, then I'm up in the morning for work! :(

Hope you're all well and enjoyed the lovely sun today!
Heat wave next week! (Apparently...)


Thursday, June 23

Free Benefit Gift with Grazia?!

Yet another freebie! Magazine's this month are rather impressive!

I never buy Grazia magazine, basically because I've never really looked it. But obviously I did when I saw this on the front of it! The offer is only for a week, so hopefully some of you have got this already! 

This will be the second set of Benefit products I have ever tried and I'm excited! I saw the skincare range ages ago but was never really too sure of it! So again, this is another perfect opportunity to 'try before you (properly) buy'.

Page 126 is where the freebie is at! All you have to do is fill in the small form (which I've now cut out) and take it to a Benefit Boutique at one of the major department stores, e.g Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis. Give it to one of the friendly ladies and you can redeem your free gift!

Here it is. Cute little box! Inside you get:
Moisturize - Spf 15 Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (sheer oil free facial lotion)
Cleanse - Foamingly Clean Facial Wash (1-step gentle facial wash)
Eyes - It's Potent! Eye Cream (brightening eye cream to fade dark circles)

Inside it looks like...

The bottles are only small. A little smaller than I thought they would be. But you do only need a small amount when using the products. As always, a 'pea' amount is recommended. However, it is a freebie so you can't really complain! The value of the product is £10. I really think this is a great way to try out products before you essentially buy them. Mainly because of the prices of products, we're put off! 

Really excited to try these. Especially the eye cream and wash. Actually, all of them! 

If you haven't already, you need to get your hands on one of these quick!

Monday, June 20

MD Formulations/Annoying little white spots!

(Beware! Information overload!)

Today I'm going to post about Milia. Or Milk spot/Oil seed as some may know it!

For those who don't know, Milia/Milium are very common and as far as I'm aware any age group, male or female can suffer from them, even babas and Myself included.

They are basically a small cyst that are trapped beneath the skin. Sometimes they can be mistaken for whiteheads or small spots etc. They can be hereditary (my Dad's got them) and some can appear by literally the products you use on your face. 

Here is a picture from Wikipedia.

If you're wondering why I apparently know so much about them, it's because I've literally been non stop researching them and trying products to get rid of them for ages! 
And finally, I think there may be a solution. 

MD Formulations is a brand associated with Bare Escentuals and after much research and asking for advice, ringing round, reading magazines. I came across a 'solution'

I first saw an extract in More Magazine which described those 'little white lumps' and how you can get rid of them!

2 ways; via a beauty therapist who knows what she's doing when it comes to Milia, so you'd have a facial/extract etc. OR a product that contains Glycolic Acid, which is a natural sugar.

Glycolic Acid basically helps stop dead skin cells getting trapped beneath the skin. A suggestion for this was a product by MD Formulations called very simply, Facial Lotion. (However it's now been updated and is called 'Continuous Renewal Serum')

(Sorry for the massive long writing post!) Unfortunately you can't buy MD products in shops or retail stores, but only by Salons or Beauty therapists.

So let me introduce you to my beloved. Milia. :/

You can double click on the photo to see them more close up! So I've got them on my eyelid, socket and now I'm noticing them around my temple and a little bit on my cheeks. NOT cool. To be fair, I can cover them fairly well with make-up, but the more I look in the mirror, which is every day (obv) the more I notice them. It's a self conscious thing I suppose, everyone else says they can't see them when I ask. But I think if doing something about it will make me feel better, then why not!

So after all this research, advice, questions, answers, etc etc etc! I went to a salon to get hold of this 'Continuous Renewal Serum'
The lady I saw was so genuine and put no pressure on me at all to buy the product, yet she told me exactly what I needed to know and even done a small session of Milia removal. 
Milia removal is basically; using a pin (a posh one) to take off the head of the Milia and then push the blockage out. Obviously you get a little mark when this is done, so ideally if you get the removal, get it when you're not going out anywhere that night! (If you don't want to be seen)

Here's a pic of my skin after the Milia was extracted.

Just 2 little blood spots. The skin bleeds once they have been removed and then scab over. It's really nothing major, but if you've got a whole face of scabs... I know I wouldn't want to go out!
All the removal felt like, was someone picking at a scab on my face. It really didn't hurt and was completely bearable. I'd say the only thing that did hurt, was when the therapist squeezed out the Milia (but not alot).

So the dollar! MD doesn't come cheap. Before going to the salon which I did, I rang around ALOT of places to compare prices and information etc. However, everyone came out with same price, but the salon I went to provided the most information.

Ready for the price? ... a depressing, £41. 

£41?!?!?!?!?!?! Terrible! 
But, I knew I wanted it, and my motto nowadays is '**** it'

So, I came away with this treasure!

There were other products such as a cleanser, moisturiser and sun protector. But I literally couldn't afford/didn't want to pay out, £80 for products that I've never used before. I had my sensible head on here! Because of this, my skin care regime will now consist of;

Clinique facial wash
Clinique cleanser
MD Formulations serum
Clinique Dramatic moisturiser

...and hopefully I should start noticing a difference. The only thing I had a complication with, is because I've already got the Milia, ideally, they would have to extracted for the product to really really work. BUT, the serum WILL still work otherwise. (But basically it'd just be a bit better to get them removed beforehand) Let me mention, the serum in the picture, provides 12% of Glycolic Acid which helps 'peel' the face. However, if you have a Glycolic/Milia extract facial, 40% of Glycolic Acid is used. So, really, the facial is more intense, but comes at a hefty price of £45. (More than the serum!) crazy...

At the place I went to, Milia removal was £15 for 15 minutes. Which I think is, O-k. But when you add up all the money you would be spending, it is alot. 

So. All I've got to do now is start using the serum. I've been told to use the serum in the mornings for 1 week, along with my other skin care products, and after 3-4 days, I should start noticing my skin getting softer. Then after the week, I'll start using the serum day and night.

Also, I think I may take a daily photo to notice any changes to my skin because of the serum! So keep your eyes peeled for a week fulfilled with my Milia face!

Sorry for all the info, but I hope this has helped anyone else who suffers with Milia, or anyone who finds information like this interesting! Cos' I know I do!

Hope you're all well.
Speak soon. x

Friday, June 17

Think a bird flew into my window...

Haha, how's that for a photo! 

I've really gotta start doing my posts more! I'm slacking!
But I've got a little haul for you! I went shopping today with my Mumma, she's my shopping partner!
I picked up a few new bits that I wanted to try.

So, here goes!

I stayed at my boyfriends the other night, had a shower in the morning and used this beaut conditioning protecting masque on my hair. He said it wasn't his, but he described how it worked so well, I began to differ haha! So, I picked it up on my shopping trip today. I used a slightly different one to the one I bought, but this is for coloured hair, so... perfect for me!

It's quite a big ole tub so I think it'll last me a while!
The routine ideally, is to use the colour protect shampoo, then conditioner and once a week use this masque for an 'extra protective boost'.
The one I used the other day made my hair smell so good and feel so soft, I needed to get it!
I got this in Superdrug for around £4. So, if I'm gonna use this once a week, I think £4 is rather good!

I also picked up a Beautycard which Superdrug are now doing! Not sure what it does, I'm guessing it's like all the other cards I've got in my purse!

Next up. I've literally wanted to try the Aussie hair products for SO long. But the price always puts me off. But I finally caved in after however long it's been and bought them!

I bought these 2 from Tesco for around £7. Superdrug were doing a deal; 2 for £5.99. But the stock was pretty limited so I decided on good ole 'every little helps'.
I love the little slogan on these bottles! Pretty sarcastic just like me. I can't wait to try these though. I'm thinking I may only use them on special occasions seeing as I don't wanna pay out £7 each time for a new pair! These are with 'Australian wild peach' ...which to me, sound b-e-a-u-tttiful!
Not sure why the conditioner is smaller than the shampoo though. I suppose it will limit how much I squeeze if I've paid £7!

Next, good ole BarryM Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail hardener.
I've never used any other version so if you've got any suggestions, throw them my way! This was £2.99 from Superdrug, once again.
For me personally, I find that this helps my nail polish stay on really well. It hardly chips, but that may be because I don't work hard enough. Who knows... I'm sure it's not!

Now this, I've really wanted to try since I've seen the gorgeous advert with Jennifer Lopez in!

The new L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh lipgloss. I think this one is Aqua Mandarin. I got this for £5.99? I believe! So, straight away, not sure about this! In the advert, here is what the beautiful Lopez looks like wearing the Aqua Mandarin Shine.

Ahem... and me.

Personally, I can't see no orangey glistening shine. The advantages of the new lip gloss are that its L'Oreal's first, enriched with Vitamin C & E and the description does it make it sounds so alluring;
'The patented heart-shape applicator for precise application of L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Fresh to the lips. The centre of the heart captures the formula so one quick sweep of the wand is all you need to for glossy lips with a mirror like shine effect' ...sounds dreamy right?

The only thing I'd say is that I found it came off quite quickly compared to the L'Oreal 6HR lip gloss. However the texture of that one is slightly more stickier than the glam shine.
I think this gloss will be nice if you're on holiday and just want a quick refreshing top up fulfilled with Vitamins. I'm just a little bit gutted there's not an orangey glistening shine!

Lastly! I popped into BHS as they do some nice jewellery for a fairly reasonable price! I picked up these two;

I fancied some dangly earrings and these ones tickled my fancy! Think they will look quite nice with my hair down and wavy or completely up and visible! And of course, a ring. I can't come away from a shopping trip without one. So I picked up this cute leaf-like styled twisted ring.

Not a bad shopping trip really. Seeing as I actually went to buy things for Fathers Day, I think I got a little distracted!

Let's just hope he understands! :)

Friday, June 10

Free Benefit Gift with Glamour?!

So hopefully you all know this, or may be getting this as I write!

Glamour Magazine is giving away FREE Benefit gifts with their July issue Magazine!!!
If my friend Kirsty hadn't reminded me I would of missed out on this freebie! Seeing as I'm the most indecisive person in the world (everyone who knows me will agree) I decided that I couldn't just pick up one magazine with one freebie.
So... I picked up two. Oh dear.
Although! Glamour magazine is £2! So at this present moment, I could afford it! Plus... £2 for about £20 worth of products? VERY good!

(excuse the low quality picture!)

I picked up the magazines with the Benefit 'High Beam' and 'Posie Tint'.
I'm gonna be honest and say, I've actually never used a Benefit product. Which probably seems quite weird! So I thought this was a perfect opportunity, to pay a little price and try a product!
I always use a lip and cheek stain, so the 'Posie Tint' seemed like a good pick!
Now I'll probably compare this and my beloved Body Shop one!
The other magazine was with 'High Beam'. This is a 'luminescent complexion enhancer'. Again I've never used this nor have I tried a highlighter/illuminator before! So this will be a completely new one for me!

First impressions...

Very cute packaging! 
Posie Tint's packaging looks so glamourous, so I can't wait to try it! 
High Beam; bit weary as I've never tried a highlighter before! 
Both of these are only 4.0ml, so they are perfect if you just want to 'try before you buy' (even though you've paid £2) Also great if you just want a mini version in your make-up bag! I'll probably keep mine in there if I like it! (I'm yet to try both!)

Posie Tint is more Pink than I thought it would be! But it does say 'poppy pink' on the box! 
High Beam looks exciting now. Nice shimmery silver/peach colour! 

This is probably the worst swatch as my camera wouldn't focus :(
But on the left is Posie Tint and the right High Beam.

Now I've undone both of the packages and checked them out, I am excited to try them! 

I'm not sure why I've never tried Benefit products. Sometimes the names of what the products are called, put me off. I don't really like it when things have weird names, I'd rather they just say what the product does! But that's just my personal opinion I guess! 
Who knows, my mind might be converted after trying these! 

And for £2? You can't really complain!
If you've tried these 2 products please let me know what you think of them, as I am a Benefit newbie!

Speak soon!

(p.s page 200 in Glamour Mag for Benefit freebie advice!)

Have you tried Benefit products? If so, what ones?
Did you pick up the Glamour mag? What did you pick?
Are you a Benefit newbie?

Monday, June 6

Wooden floors, walls and window sills...

So today, I've been none stop listening to The Cinematic Orchestra. If you haven't heard of these guys and like instrumental/orchestral music, check.them.out. Their another one of my favourites along with Sigur Ros.

I promised I was going to do a haul about a week ago so here it is. I must admit I'm slacking on the blogging a bit, so I better get cracking!
Last week I shopped till I dropped and bought a few bits.

Firstly, good ole BarryM nail polishes. I thought I'd get summery and choose some bright colours!

These colours are pretty average I think! Nothing overly special about them except they are bright! Orange one is called; Block Orange and the Red; Bright Red. I thought I'd get them as it's been sunny, however the weather has let us down today! Non stop rain!
I haven't tried these to yet as it just doesn't feel summery enough. I've got an interview Wednesday so I'll probably opt for my dusky mauve!.

I'll put a photo up what these babies look like when the weather perks up!

Reading blogs and watching other girlies on youtube, I noticed quite a few are talking about the new Vo5 products. The oomph powder especially. So I popped into Superdrug and had a little peek! Typically, they had a deal going on enticing us to spend more money! I think it was, buy 2 products for around £4.49? So instantly I picked up the powder!

So all you do with this, is sprinkle some of the powder on your roots. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this and whether it would work, but it truely does! I'll post a before and after picture up when I've done my hair all properly for you to see!
But literally, all you do is tap a bit on, scrunch your hair and Voila. 
Instant Oomph! (It smells quite nice too) 

Then seeing as the deal was 2 items for £4.49, I picked up this Volume hair spray. 
I thought it would be quite good to use along with the powder for extra oomph! Again, I'll post a photo of my hair when it's all pretty and what not. Also, this smells lovely too! 
£4.49 for those 2 was pretty good I think...

This, you may not of seen before. I think this product is great. I'm all for hair removal, anything new or old! I'll try it. It's hard to describe this tool and exactly what it is. What you do, is take one of those punk strips and stick it on the purple tool. After that you're ready to use the hair remover. (I'll let you into a secret and tell you I use this on little places like... my knuckles!) I like my hands to look pretty, especially if you're meeting someone and intervene in a hand shake. Always nice to look prepped! So I use this little tool. Personally, I haven't tried to use this on my face but I think I'll give it a go seeing as it is for that! 

I bought this from a small Savers shop for around £2-3. The pink strips last for ages too, seeing as small areas are the main object.

If you can get your hands on one of these, give it a go. They are really good, especially if you've got hair where you don't want it!

Again, this is another 'Silki(y)miz(t)
But this one is for your legs. I used this the day I got it and the results are brilliant. I didn't think it would work as well as it did, nor make my legs as smooth as it did! If you're in a hurry or just forget to shave your legs, this is perfect. Just a small mit (I don't wanna put you off but the texture of the paper is quite rough!) however when you rub it on your legs, it is ultra smooth and the results are smoother! Again this was around £2-3 and you get 3 in a pack!

Surprise! Another hair remover. Easy peasy, wax strips! I also cut these up and use them for different areas! I buy these as I just find it much cheaper than going to a salon. The more I do it the better I become! I bought quite alot of these as I use them ALL the time. In this pack you get 40 re-usable strips. But really, that's 80 as they are double sided! I got these from Boots for about £9.59. Seemed quite a lot at the time but if I use them regularly, may aswell buy them in bulk!

And lastly, I bought a new ring from H&M. This was £4. I saw it in Oxford Street and couldn't decide whether to get it! So I left it. Yet picked it up in my local H&M at Lakeside. I may do a post of all my rings seeing as I have a ridiculous amount! 

(Oh and my latest nail design!) :)

Oh and just another one!
My eye make-up for the day!

These colours are from my Urban Decay Naked palette. 

The black is 'Creep' and the gold is 'Half Baked' 
All of the colours in the palette are so pigmented and easy to put on, the look afterwards always looks outstanding. I also used the Urban Decay Eden primer to set the shadows. The mascara I used was my daily MAC Dazzle Lash. 

So there is my haul! 
Speak soon! 


This isn't exactly a make-up/cosmetic/perfume/beauty post, but I wanted to share this!
Sigur Ros are probably my favourite band, I literally can't get enough of them. I watched a film they made on Sky anytime, then found the beauty on Amazon. It was the last one left! So I'm pretty happy to have got this!
It's their film called Heima. It has 2 discs featuring a documentary and almost 2 hours of live full length performances.
Literally so excited to watch it again! If you like Sigur Ros as much as I do, you'll know what I mean. They can be difficult to like if you don't like that genre, but I am completely, completely in love with them.

Wednesday, June 1


I haven't posted for a week! Eek!
Hello to all my new followers. I really appreciate you all clicking that 'follow' button, means alot!


I bet we all have a slight problem with storing make-up right? In my bedroom when I apply make-up, hair etc, I've got this little unit where the top opens and inside is all my bits and bobs!
Anyway, when I decided I needed some kind of containers, I remembered good ole Muji. You may or may not of heard of this store, but it's honestly great. They do all sorts from clothes, to candles to storage!

Here are some images of the storage containers I bought just the right size for make-up!

  credit; 12

I got those 2 and a few other ones! They were so reasonably priced too, the smaller one was 95p and the larger was £1.95! So good! Therefore I got quite a few! In those two I put lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras etc.

So, let me show you my make-up storage!

Before and after...

So here is obviously before...
Quite dreadful, that poor make-up!

Taaaaaa-daaaaa! After!
Much better, all organised!

Though I must admit.

I do have another drawer of make-up...

Haul post coming soon showing where I've been spending money that I shouldn't be! x