Saturday, June 25

BarryM & MAC

Today I went shopping with my babes Chellsie (check out her blog!) to London town. Seeing as there was sales literally, everywhere, we had a little spree. Typically I just bought some make-up and nail polishes! So I thought I'd make a quick post to share them with you!

These were my buys of the day! Not really alot, but alot in price!
How gorgeous is that sparkly nail polish!

The polish is called 'Silver Cascade' 
Chellsie introduced me to this one and I absolutely love it! Reminds me of a circus! Can't wait to try it on my nails! 

 Here's a quick swatch just over my original nail polish! 
The pink polish in the photo is called, 'Pink Flamingo'. I think this will look gorgeous for the summer, I don't wear pinks alot! So thought it'd be a good opportunity to buy a good ole BarryM one!

MAC lipsticks! 

(Left with flash, Right without)
These 2 are called; 
(Frost) CB 96 (not sure on that name?!) -Orange
(Creamsheen) Crosswires -Pink

Love these colours! I really fancied an orangey colour for summer as I think I can pull it off haha! 
Aaaaand then I thought I'd just treat myself and buy 2! These were £13.50 each. Really, I don't think that the price is that bad! Considering you're getting a good quality, high end lipstick, known to be a good brand. £13.50 I think is Ok!

(flash CB96)

(no flash CB96) 

(flash Crosswires)

(no flash Crosswires)

Just a quick post as I'm so tired from walking around for 7 hours!
Time for sleep, then I'm up in the morning for work! :(

Hope you're all well and enjoyed the lovely sun today!
Heat wave next week! (Apparently...)



  1. absolutely love the lipsticks! i'd never heard of crosswires but it's gorgeous. i agree about the price - considering rugstore lipsticks are around 8 pounds, i think the extra fivers worth it


  2. omg silver cascade is stunning! :D xx

  3. Those lipsticks are an amazing colour!

  4. Ooh, I love the Crosswire lippy! x