Monday, June 6


This isn't exactly a make-up/cosmetic/perfume/beauty post, but I wanted to share this!
Sigur Ros are probably my favourite band, I literally can't get enough of them. I watched a film they made on Sky anytime, then found the beauty on Amazon. It was the last one left! So I'm pretty happy to have got this!
It's their film called Heima. It has 2 discs featuring a documentary and almost 2 hours of live full length performances.
Literally so excited to watch it again! If you like Sigur Ros as much as I do, you'll know what I mean. They can be difficult to like if you don't like that genre, but I am completely, completely in love with them.


  1. Hey, thanks for following me. I love your blog too! Didn't realise that Sigur Ros had a DVD out, simply adore them so may need to check this out.To answer your q, I'm Thurrock, Essex - near to Lakeside. x

  2. You've gotta get it! I'm in awe! Ah no way haha, I live in Upminster. xx

  3. I shall. Oh I know Upminster, not well but from the glimpse I get when the c2c train goes through! x