Monday, June 6

Wooden floors, walls and window sills...

So today, I've been none stop listening to The Cinematic Orchestra. If you haven't heard of these guys and like instrumental/orchestral music, check.them.out. Their another one of my favourites along with Sigur Ros.

I promised I was going to do a haul about a week ago so here it is. I must admit I'm slacking on the blogging a bit, so I better get cracking!
Last week I shopped till I dropped and bought a few bits.

Firstly, good ole BarryM nail polishes. I thought I'd get summery and choose some bright colours!

These colours are pretty average I think! Nothing overly special about them except they are bright! Orange one is called; Block Orange and the Red; Bright Red. I thought I'd get them as it's been sunny, however the weather has let us down today! Non stop rain!
I haven't tried these to yet as it just doesn't feel summery enough. I've got an interview Wednesday so I'll probably opt for my dusky mauve!.

I'll put a photo up what these babies look like when the weather perks up!

Reading blogs and watching other girlies on youtube, I noticed quite a few are talking about the new Vo5 products. The oomph powder especially. So I popped into Superdrug and had a little peek! Typically, they had a deal going on enticing us to spend more money! I think it was, buy 2 products for around £4.49? So instantly I picked up the powder!

So all you do with this, is sprinkle some of the powder on your roots. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this and whether it would work, but it truely does! I'll post a before and after picture up when I've done my hair all properly for you to see!
But literally, all you do is tap a bit on, scrunch your hair and Voila. 
Instant Oomph! (It smells quite nice too) 

Then seeing as the deal was 2 items for £4.49, I picked up this Volume hair spray. 
I thought it would be quite good to use along with the powder for extra oomph! Again, I'll post a photo of my hair when it's all pretty and what not. Also, this smells lovely too! 
£4.49 for those 2 was pretty good I think...

This, you may not of seen before. I think this product is great. I'm all for hair removal, anything new or old! I'll try it. It's hard to describe this tool and exactly what it is. What you do, is take one of those punk strips and stick it on the purple tool. After that you're ready to use the hair remover. (I'll let you into a secret and tell you I use this on little places like... my knuckles!) I like my hands to look pretty, especially if you're meeting someone and intervene in a hand shake. Always nice to look prepped! So I use this little tool. Personally, I haven't tried to use this on my face but I think I'll give it a go seeing as it is for that! 

I bought this from a small Savers shop for around £2-3. The pink strips last for ages too, seeing as small areas are the main object.

If you can get your hands on one of these, give it a go. They are really good, especially if you've got hair where you don't want it!

Again, this is another 'Silki(y)miz(t)
But this one is for your legs. I used this the day I got it and the results are brilliant. I didn't think it would work as well as it did, nor make my legs as smooth as it did! If you're in a hurry or just forget to shave your legs, this is perfect. Just a small mit (I don't wanna put you off but the texture of the paper is quite rough!) however when you rub it on your legs, it is ultra smooth and the results are smoother! Again this was around £2-3 and you get 3 in a pack!

Surprise! Another hair remover. Easy peasy, wax strips! I also cut these up and use them for different areas! I buy these as I just find it much cheaper than going to a salon. The more I do it the better I become! I bought quite alot of these as I use them ALL the time. In this pack you get 40 re-usable strips. But really, that's 80 as they are double sided! I got these from Boots for about £9.59. Seemed quite a lot at the time but if I use them regularly, may aswell buy them in bulk!

And lastly, I bought a new ring from H&M. This was £4. I saw it in Oxford Street and couldn't decide whether to get it! So I left it. Yet picked it up in my local H&M at Lakeside. I may do a post of all my rings seeing as I have a ridiculous amount! 

(Oh and my latest nail design!) :)

Oh and just another one!
My eye make-up for the day!

These colours are from my Urban Decay Naked palette. 

The black is 'Creep' and the gold is 'Half Baked' 
All of the colours in the palette are so pigmented and easy to put on, the look afterwards always looks outstanding. I also used the Urban Decay Eden primer to set the shadows. The mascara I used was my daily MAC Dazzle Lash. 

So there is my haul! 
Speak soon! 


  1. Love my naked pallete, and haven't tried that eye combination yet but it looks lovely! Im such a hair freak as well I cant stand little bits of hair on places they shouldn't be! xx

  2. Wow your eyes look amazing, so beautiful :)


  3. Thanks for your comment, following back!
    That candle was lovely except it overflowed onto my desk! I haven't smelt Bahama Breeze (I nearly put Banana Breeze!) but Tahitian Tiare Flower is also amazing!


  4. That silkimiz product looks really good - i'll have to keep my eye out for that one!

  5. Love the red barry m colour! Also love the look you've done with the Urban Decay palette xx