Tuesday, April 26


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(If you know please help :))

So I've got 2 things to post about today. No doubt later on I'll find something else to talk about! It's been a few days since I've blogged so I hope you're all well!
I finished working at The Body Shop the other day as I've now got a full time, 9-5, job! Woohoo! Time to start saving pennies for holidays. I just finished my shift the other day and one of my friends came in so I had a little mooch round the shops with her afterwards. I was after a Nude nail polish, which a customer that day had come in the shop, and had this lovely nail colour on! It was a Bourjous one called 'Miss Sweetie' It was really nude so I decided to go and look for it. But, typically, there wasn't any left!
Then this one caught my eye...

It's a BarryM polish, called Peach Melba, 318. 
It's not exactly the same as the one I was looking for but I thought the 'peachy' shade would be lovely for summer. I applied about 2 coats for the way it looks in the photo! (It does look brighter in the pot for some reason, but I can assure you it's quite similar!) 
I really like this colour, and can see myself using it most of the summer. (When it arrives!)

Another product I've been using lately is this;

'Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser'
So apparently, this is meant to slow down hair growth. When I saw this in a newspaper, I was instantly drawn and knew I had to go and get it. I think it was around £6. Which I think isn't too bad if its gonna slow down annoying hair growth! I started using this when I got it then forgot to apply it for a few days. 
I wondered why it wasn't working (haha)
Then I realised that you have to use it on a 2 week basis. So since yesterday, I've been applying this after I get out the shower. 
My hair grows quite quickly, as yours probably does too! So if this works, it'll be a god send. 

Expect a post in 2 weeks of silky smooth legs!

Just quickly! ; I knew I'd forget something I wanted to show.
Where I work, a new lingere shop has opened called, Boux Avenue. I went in there the other day to have a little nose. When I got in there, the smell they had going on, smelt SO good. I asked them what it was and a lady said it was their perfume. 
Now, being on a budget I decided not to look at it as I knew I'd want to buy it. It honestly smells incredible, if you wanna smell it you'll have to go there!
So, I went back there the other day, asked where it was, and actually found out it was a room spray. (Kinda makes sense I suppose) I was a bit gutted I must admit, but I bought it anyway, seeing as the girl who served me said she sprays it on herself!
So I'm trying to use a room spray as a perfume. Not sure if that's ok... the back of the bottle says 'Avoid contact with skin' But it smells so good, I'll have to give in! 

...and going by the bottle, it doesn't really look like a room spray! 


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Wednesday, April 20

Cruella 2454

Just thought I'd make another quick post before I go to work! :( I've been sunning it all day and have topped up my tan on top of my Johnson's fake tan ha!
One product that I've been using quite a lot lately is a;

I've been trying to do a swatch of this on my wrist but the photo doesn't look good enough! I got this Pencil in 'Cruella'
At first I wondered how 'matte' the pencil would be as I've never had anything like this before, and it has proven so well. I've never seen a lip pencil so matte. 
As I can't find a good enough swatch, I've used a picture from the internet;
I bought this when I used a Groupon code for ASOS. I paid £9 for £20 worth of products. 
When I bought this, I never read the description on the website that basically said 'Bright Red'
So when this came in the post I was a bit "uh oh" as it was brighter than I thought. 
However I do really like this lip pencil, originally I think the price was around £17.50. 
Which to me is a bit pricey, though being on a supposed 'budget' I didn't mind paying £9! 

26 Degrees

Apparently it's 26 degrees outside?! I can see it from my window but I haven't been outside yet.
I thought I'd do a quick blog seeing as I'm still in my pyjamas!
I painted my nails yesterday that new yellow 'Sherbet Lemons' Collection 2000 nail varnish. It's pretty bright! I do quite like it, though normally I wear more darker shades, a bit more softer. However the other day my nails were 'Pink Explosion' so you can imagine what that was like...

I do really like it, though the only disadvantage, (whether it's my personal opinion or not) was that I had to put on a good 3 coats before it got to the way I wanted it to be! I also used BarryM; Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener before and after I did the yellow just to set it and make it look more shiney!

If the weather stays at 26 degrees, I'll more than likely be wearing brighter shades than this! 

Monday, April 18


So my purchases from the day, (I didn't even intend buying anything) which I am in love with!...

A Sleek palette! This one is called Storm. I've looked at the range before in Superdrug but never actually bought anything. But since I've been reading other peoples blogs and what not, I thought I might treat myself to one! I saw this one and thought I'd pretty much use all the colours; so I bought it! It was £6.49, which for 12 eyeshadows, I think is pretty good. I did want to try and get the 'Nude'? palette I think it was called but decided on this instead! 

Another thing I bought today was a yellow nail varnish. I've wanted one for a little while now and thought, seeing as it's supposed to be summer soon I'll get one! I'm on a bit of a budget as I'm kinda skint at the minute, so I picked up this one from Collection 2000 for £1.79. 
I'll pop a picture up when I've got this one on my nails!

The last thing I bought today was some fake tan. I've used this one for ages and have always trusted it as I never get a streaky 'obvious' fake tan look! 

Its a Johnson's Holiday Skin body lotion, which 'gradually builds a beautiful, even tan' The shade I got was, medium to dark, as my skin is kind of an olive tone. Plus, I was sunning the other day and half of my body is brown! I thought I better fake the rest of me!
This was only £2.53, half price. 

So all in all today, I spent... £10.81. Which I think isn't too bad considering I'm meant to be on a budget...

Tuesday, April 5

Number 2!

Hello again, I'm gonna make 2 posts today!

I have completely forgot about showing this, kind of. My mum and dad went away a month or so to Cyprus, and I cheekily asked if they could get me some makeup in duty free. I wasn't sure what I wanted, so I got some ideas from the internet about some bits and bobs and found the 'MAC Look in a box'
I think there was about 3 to choose from and I decided to ask for 'Rocker chick'
I'll put a photo up, sorry if the quality is bad! (It'd probably be easier to do a video but I'm not quite there yet!)

So this is the box from the outside. It did come smaller than I thought, but then obviously the products inside aren't gonna be jumbo size! So a pretty box I think...

And this is the inside! I think the product was about £40. Which I think is pretty much a bargain considering everything inside comes to about £80?!
So inside there is;

2 eye shadows; Electra Frost and Black Tied Velvet
This photo might look a bit rubbish but from looking at my Macbook that is pretty much what they look like!

Also, a Black Kohl Eyeliner and mascara. 
I was a bit weary of trying the eyeliner because I am addicted to the Urban Decay 24/7 liner. I think I'm so obsessed is because it just literally stays on all day so I don't have to worry about topping it up!
When I tried the MAC one, I was a bit disappointed as, by the end of the day after I had gone to work etc, the eyeliner had printed above my eye near my brow bone which was a bit gutting. So, at the moment, Im not quite sure on the eyeliner!

Alot of people have said bad things about MAC mascaras but, suprisingly, I've found this one to be quite good! I suppose it all depends on what you like your eyes to look like, but personally I think it's ok. I won't show a picture of these as it's a bit difficult. I may put a picture of my eye up a bit later!

And lastly, a MAC lipglass and lipstick. 

Out of these 2, I'd say Ive used the lipglass more as I am a bit of a junkie when it comes to lipgloss! However the lipstick is still lovely, but I'd say more of a colour for summer! 

Evaluating all of this though, try and get your hands on one of these because they are such a good buy!


I keep making these posts monthly which probably isn't good. I'm pretty busy nowadays.
Thought I'd update you on a little bit of gossip anyway. I went into my local Boots the other day to purchase another self obsessed Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, and discovered..... IT'S GONE.

I swear I was walking towards the counter and then realised that I couldn't see it. So I asked a lady in there, and did she come out with the unexpected! She told me that Urban Decay have had an argument with England? And have took all the Urban Decay counters out of Boots, House of Fraser, Debenhams etc.


I honestly don't know if this is true but I hope it's not! So from this, I panicked and found the eyeliner on the Debenhams website and ordered 2! (I got a cheeky discount mind you) BUT, this is terrible.