Wednesday, April 20

Cruella 2454

Just thought I'd make another quick post before I go to work! :( I've been sunning it all day and have topped up my tan on top of my Johnson's fake tan ha!
One product that I've been using quite a lot lately is a;

I've been trying to do a swatch of this on my wrist but the photo doesn't look good enough! I got this Pencil in 'Cruella'
At first I wondered how 'matte' the pencil would be as I've never had anything like this before, and it has proven so well. I've never seen a lip pencil so matte. 
As I can't find a good enough swatch, I've used a picture from the internet;
I bought this when I used a Groupon code for ASOS. I paid £9 for £20 worth of products. 
When I bought this, I never read the description on the website that basically said 'Bright Red'
So when this came in the post I was a bit "uh oh" as it was brighter than I thought. 
However I do really like this lip pencil, originally I think the price was around £17.50. 
Which to me is a bit pricey, though being on a supposed 'budget' I didn't mind paying £9! 

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