Monday, April 18


So my purchases from the day, (I didn't even intend buying anything) which I am in love with!...

A Sleek palette! This one is called Storm. I've looked at the range before in Superdrug but never actually bought anything. But since I've been reading other peoples blogs and what not, I thought I might treat myself to one! I saw this one and thought I'd pretty much use all the colours; so I bought it! It was £6.49, which for 12 eyeshadows, I think is pretty good. I did want to try and get the 'Nude'? palette I think it was called but decided on this instead! 

Another thing I bought today was a yellow nail varnish. I've wanted one for a little while now and thought, seeing as it's supposed to be summer soon I'll get one! I'm on a bit of a budget as I'm kinda skint at the minute, so I picked up this one from Collection 2000 for £1.79. 
I'll pop a picture up when I've got this one on my nails!

The last thing I bought today was some fake tan. I've used this one for ages and have always trusted it as I never get a streaky 'obvious' fake tan look! 

Its a Johnson's Holiday Skin body lotion, which 'gradually builds a beautiful, even tan' The shade I got was, medium to dark, as my skin is kind of an olive tone. Plus, I was sunning the other day and half of my body is brown! I thought I better fake the rest of me!
This was only £2.53, half price. 

So all in all today, I spent... £10.81. Which I think isn't too bad considering I'm meant to be on a budget...

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  1. Ahh that sleek palette is my favourite! I've already gone through two! xx