Friday, August 31

Making a comeback

Hello, I'm back on the scene!

I thought I'd start by writing posts on products I've been using lately and what ones have gradually become favourites!

My everyday lipstick has to be 'Cosmo' by Mac. I bought this ages ago mistaking it for another, but it's safe to say, it's now my 'go to' lipstick when I'm stuck for what colour to wear.

(I never understand what the 'Amplified' bit means :()

For me it's a natural colour, so I'd happily wear it everyday. It's a creamy formula, so doesn't make you get the weird filmy thing on your lips when you've worn lipstick for too long! (know what I mean?)


Tuesday, August 28

Day One

I need to start posting more!

From today; 28th August 2012, 22:14, I shall post at LEAST once a week, whether it be 1 or 200 lines long, I WILL post.