Tuesday, August 28

Day One

I need to start posting more!

From today; 28th August 2012, 22:14, I shall post at LEAST once a week, whether it be 1 or 200 lines long, I WILL post.


  1. :( you haven't posted in a while?
    Do you remember us from your last post with the bronzer? You helped us so much! Everyone thought our tans were real on holiday!
    Please post more!
    Lauren and Kelly xoxo

  2. Ps can you please do a skin care regime - yours or one you recommend for us, I've got dry sensitive skin and Kelly has a oily t zone, we don't really know what we're looking for and need a bit of help!
    You seem really honest with your posts so we'd be happy to take your advice!
    Hope you post soon well be on the look out!
    Lauren and Kelly xoxo