Sunday, May 20

Birthday Box Ideas

It's one of my friends 21st birthday today so I made her a pressie!
Whether or not this is original, I decided to make her a 'glossy box' stylie birthday box.

If it's easier please feel free to watch my video on how I made the box etc, on YouTube.

I didn't really have budget on how much I was going to spend but considering it was Kate's 21st, I decided it wouldn't really matter how much I'd spend! (hello empty purse!)

So here is how I made the box look like inside!

Alot was stacked on each other as I didn't really have enough room. 

Annnnnyyyway, here's the video! For some reason it won't let me put it here, so here's the link!


  1. Aw this is such a great idea! I'm sure your friend will love it :) xx

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