Sunday, May 20

Birthday Box Ideas

It's one of my friends 21st birthday today so I made her a pressie!
Whether or not this is original, I decided to make her a 'glossy box' stylie birthday box.

If it's easier please feel free to watch my video on how I made the box etc, on YouTube.

I didn't really have budget on how much I was going to spend but considering it was Kate's 21st, I decided it wouldn't really matter how much I'd spend! (hello empty purse!)

So here is how I made the box look like inside!

Alot was stacked on each other as I didn't really have enough room. 

Annnnnyyyway, here's the video! For some reason it won't let me put it here, so here's the link!

Tuesday, May 15

Guilty Guerlain

I've recently discovered I have an obsession with Guerlain. I never even knew about the brand a couple of months ago and now I'm all over it! Seeing as I work in cosmetics, make up is constantly surrounded by me. Therefore I have more of a chance of wasting my money on more things I don't need. :(
The Terracotta range from Guerlain launched only a little while ago I believe, and these 2 beauties are some of my favourites. So I thought I'd share it with you!

Terracotta Spray; Bronzing Powder Mist. 
This is a beautiful (bronzing powder mist) which gives a gorgeous glow. I've used this on my face and top half of my body for when I've been going 'out out'. It gives a lovely tanned, but not too tanned look which looks healthy and sun kissed. I use this also when I think my foundation may look a bit pale, so I just darken it up a little with this! Another advantage with this, is that it's also protecting whilst you wear it, with an SPF of 10. You can get this from John Lewis for £35. (Eek!)

Terracotta; Eau Sous Le Vent
(In a nut shell, this is a Soothing Moisturising Mist/Refreshing Tan Enhancer)
I am yet to use this properly, but it smells just like 'holiday'(I'm sure you know what I mean!)
 This is the type of product that, if your laying on the beach and fancy a freshen up, a spritz of this will do just fine. So even though this will 'freshen you up' it's also a tan enhancer. Therefore, you're not just spraying a £34 (Eek) product, you're also getting a benefit from it, so you're sure to enhance a tan! 

These two are more than likely going in my bag when I go on holiday next month. 
I know some may think it's a bit pricey and I won't lie, they are! But this is all in the name of 'savings'!

left: before the bronze powder mist. right: after
(baring in mind its past 7pm so lighting isn't great!)
But I feel it gives a subtle glow for a tanned effect.
(click to make bigger; didn't want my huge head all over the screen!)


Monday, May 14

Friday, May 11

Bourjois 1 Second Nail Dissolvant

So I'm pretty sure the majority of people in the blogging community have seen this baby out and about!
It's the new Bourjois 1 second Nail Polish Remover (sounds unbelievable I know).
I thought I'd do something a little different and video myself removing a polish! Then I feel it seems a bit more believable!
I got this from Boots for £4.99. I'd say a little expensive! But, if it's as easy as it looks then I'm sure I would repurchase it!

Here's the video!;

Tuesday, May 1

May wish list

1. Bourjois Smart Nail Polish Remover - I've heard about this non stop on the blogging world so decided that I need to try it asap! You can get this from Boots for £5. If it's as good as everyone is making out, it'll be a god send!
2. Rodial Brazilian Tan - I've been after a new fake tan for summer and whilst browsing at work, I came across Rodial's range. After asking some friends and seeing what they thought of it, I think this is definately one that I need to pick up when I've got a spare few bob!
3. Dior Hydra Life BB Creme - Dior's new BB creme that perfects, protects and hydrates. An all around illuminating moisturiser for the summer! I'm off to Marbs in June so I'm probably gonna pick this up instead of using my normal foundation. (Hopefully I'll have a tan)
4. Guerlain Terracotta Blush  - I've been non stop using the tester of this at work and it's definately going to be a purchase this month. It costs £28 and the shade is in Sunny pink. At the moment I use my beloved Body Shop lip and cheek stain, but this gives a natural summer glow, fit for the weather if it brightens up!
5. Topshop Chiffon Dip Hem Dress - I've been eyeing up every peachy/coral dress I've been seeing at the moment. But I'm in love with this one from Topshop. It looks so girly and cute with the lace at the bottom. I think this would look lovely with some tan coloured boots for the summer.
6. Onepiece - I've decided, I finally need to cave in and get a 'onesie'. My brother has been slouching around in his one for god knows how long. It looks unbelievably comfortable, and the first thing I wanna do when I get in from work is slouch!