Tuesday, May 15

Guilty Guerlain

I've recently discovered I have an obsession with Guerlain. I never even knew about the brand a couple of months ago and now I'm all over it! Seeing as I work in cosmetics, make up is constantly surrounded by me. Therefore I have more of a chance of wasting my money on more things I don't need. :(
The Terracotta range from Guerlain launched only a little while ago I believe, and these 2 beauties are some of my favourites. So I thought I'd share it with you!

Terracotta Spray; Bronzing Powder Mist. 
This is a beautiful (bronzing powder mist) which gives a gorgeous glow. I've used this on my face and top half of my body for when I've been going 'out out'. It gives a lovely tanned, but not too tanned look which looks healthy and sun kissed. I use this also when I think my foundation may look a bit pale, so I just darken it up a little with this! Another advantage with this, is that it's also protecting whilst you wear it, with an SPF of 10. You can get this from John Lewis for £35. (Eek!)

Terracotta; Eau Sous Le Vent
(In a nut shell, this is a Soothing Moisturising Mist/Refreshing Tan Enhancer)
I am yet to use this properly, but it smells just like 'holiday'(I'm sure you know what I mean!)
 This is the type of product that, if your laying on the beach and fancy a freshen up, a spritz of this will do just fine. So even though this will 'freshen you up' it's also a tan enhancer. Therefore, you're not just spraying a £34 (Eek) product, you're also getting a benefit from it, so you're sure to enhance a tan! 

These two are more than likely going in my bag when I go on holiday next month. 
I know some may think it's a bit pricey and I won't lie, they are! But this is all in the name of 'savings'!

left: before the bronze powder mist. right: after
(baring in mind its past 7pm so lighting isn't great!)
But I feel it gives a subtle glow for a tanned effect.
(click to make bigger; didn't want my huge head all over the screen!)



  1. Lauren and Kelly17 May 2012 at 10:23

    Could you do a post of before and after with the bronzing mist spray, We think it be great to see the effect especially to see if it's £35 worthy! Thanks!
    Lauren and Kelly :)

    1. Of course! I was going to. I'll pop it on the end of this post!

    2. Lauren and Kelly17 May 2012 at 11:02

      Aww thanks! :D

    3. Baring in mind the lighting may not be great!

  2. Lauren and Kelly17 May 2012 at 11:27

    Oh my gosh! Thanks so much! We're going on our first girls holiday and we want to top up our tans when we're out at night and this looks great!
    It give a soft sun kissed look that were after because were both pretty pale and other fake tans are too orange for us!
    Thanks so much for doing this!
    Lauren and Kelly

    1. You're welcome! Have a lovely holiday. x

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