Tuesday, April 26


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So I've got 2 things to post about today. No doubt later on I'll find something else to talk about! It's been a few days since I've blogged so I hope you're all well!
I finished working at The Body Shop the other day as I've now got a full time, 9-5, job! Woohoo! Time to start saving pennies for holidays. I just finished my shift the other day and one of my friends came in so I had a little mooch round the shops with her afterwards. I was after a Nude nail polish, which a customer that day had come in the shop, and had this lovely nail colour on! It was a Bourjous one called 'Miss Sweetie' It was really nude so I decided to go and look for it. But, typically, there wasn't any left!
Then this one caught my eye...

It's a BarryM polish, called Peach Melba, 318. 
It's not exactly the same as the one I was looking for but I thought the 'peachy' shade would be lovely for summer. I applied about 2 coats for the way it looks in the photo! (It does look brighter in the pot for some reason, but I can assure you it's quite similar!) 
I really like this colour, and can see myself using it most of the summer. (When it arrives!)

Another product I've been using lately is this;

'Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser'
So apparently, this is meant to slow down hair growth. When I saw this in a newspaper, I was instantly drawn and knew I had to go and get it. I think it was around £6. Which I think isn't too bad if its gonna slow down annoying hair growth! I started using this when I got it then forgot to apply it for a few days. 
I wondered why it wasn't working (haha)
Then I realised that you have to use it on a 2 week basis. So since yesterday, I've been applying this after I get out the shower. 
My hair grows quite quickly, as yours probably does too! So if this works, it'll be a god send. 

Expect a post in 2 weeks of silky smooth legs!

Just quickly! ; I knew I'd forget something I wanted to show.
Where I work, a new lingere shop has opened called, Boux Avenue. I went in there the other day to have a little nose. When I got in there, the smell they had going on, smelt SO good. I asked them what it was and a lady said it was their perfume. 
Now, being on a budget I decided not to look at it as I knew I'd want to buy it. It honestly smells incredible, if you wanna smell it you'll have to go there!
So, I went back there the other day, asked where it was, and actually found out it was a room spray. (Kinda makes sense I suppose) I was a bit gutted I must admit, but I bought it anyway, seeing as the girl who served me said she sprays it on herself!
So I'm trying to use a room spray as a perfume. Not sure if that's ok... the back of the bottle says 'Avoid contact with skin' But it smells so good, I'll have to give in! 

...and going by the bottle, it doesn't really look like a room spray! 

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