Monday, May 2

Oh dear...

So today I decided I needed a new skin care regime. At the moment, literally all I do is moisture, exfoliate rarely, and have the odd face mask now and then. But lately I've been getting really fed up with my skin and little blemishes that seem to pop up. I'm pretty lucky to have clear skin so I don't do too much with it!
I decided that my long loved Garnier day cream is taking the boot. I've been asking some of my friends what skin care they used and how much it costs etc. As I don't wanna spend too much I was looking for something fairly inexpensive!
One of my friends mentioned Clinque. At first I was a bit put off as straight away I knew it would be expensive. But seeing as I was on my way to have a little shop, I dropped in at a Clinique counter, and asked for advice on my skin type.
I've just finished working at The Body Shop, and even though I helped customers with their skin, I don't actually really know what mine is!
So anyway, the lovely Clinique consultant and myself came to the conclusion that I have 'Dry Combination' skin.
So basically, I have a little bit of an oily T-zone, and if I don't moisturise, my face feels tight; therefore 'dry'

(A good tip if you are getting or thinking about a new skin care regime; I went on the Clinique website and took a test about my skin answering different questions. On that I also came to the conclusion that I was 'Dry Combination'
So I did trust the lovely lady at Clinque when she came out with the same result!)

Here's what I bought:

From left to right; Liquid facial soap mild, Clarifying lotion, Dramatically different moisturizing lotion, Moisture surge, Even better and lastly a Vitamin C lip smoothie.

I just realised this post is gonna be really long! Oh dear!

So the first product, (all of which was tested on my hand in the store) Liquid facial soap, basically this is just a soap. It comes out as a gel and all I (you) need is one pump of this baby and it will do your whole face! So that's Step 1.

Step 2: Clarifying lotion. This is like an exfoliator but without the 'bits' It;s a lotion which is particularly different as other exfoliator are normally a cream with beads in them. So this comes after Step 1, these two together basically prep my face for a moisture, by washing and exfoliating my skin back to its normal glory, by getting all the dirt and what not out!

Step 3: Dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I mentioned to the consultant that my skin doesn't get enough high dyration, particularly as I don't drink enough but particularly because I've been using the wrong products in the past. All you (I) need of this is a small pea amount.

So all of this together came to £42.00. I bought of all this in Boots as I knew I'd get points on my card!
I have basically ignored my, 'being on a budget' but I did really need a new regime so I thought I'd treat myself!

The other 3 products? Were all freebies!!!
The Clinque consultant was so lovely. She explained the other products; Moisture surge; this can be used after all 3 steps of my skin regime, or this can be used as a mask overnight. So I literally lay it on and sleep and let it do the work!

'Even better'; I'm really excited to use this, it's a skin tone correcting moisturiser with SPF 20. So firstly 'even better' as it's got SPF 20, but even more better that it's gonna even my skin tone out. I find that just below my nose and above my lip is a different colour than the rest of my face. So if this baby sorts this out, I'll be most pleased!

And lastly, a cheeky lip smoothie. I've never used anything from Clinique make up so I'm excited to see what this is like!

Looking back at the picture, £42, for all of that? I think that's pretty good. And it's literally gonna last for ages as I only need one pump of everything!

I also bought, Cotton pads, Vitamin E tinted moisture lotion, Camomille gentle eye make up remover, a £3 top from H&M and a cheeky sample of Chanel's new Vitalumiere Aqua.

Cotton pads (£2.50) I use all the time to take make up off etc etc!
Vitamin E tinted moisture lotion (£10.00); I've been using this lately instead of my normal foundation as I've caught a bit of a tan and my foundation is a little off from the colour of my tan. This lotion is great for adapting to your skin tone and a great base before using other make up. It's a moisture too so I don't need to moisturise normally before hand. I'd recommend buying this if you're feeling lazy, or going on holiday, or want something to keep in your bag. Let's say it's for 'No make up days'
Camomille gentle eye make up remover (£9.00) This is probably the best eye make up remover that I've ever used. It's so so effortless when trying to take up off. It literally comes off with one wipe with a cotton pad, and leaves me feeling wide awake for my next application of make up. This lasts forever too!
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (Sample) I wanted to see what the fuss was with Chanel's new foundation so decided to take a look. I got a skin test and came out with the shade B30 - Beige - Sable. B20 was a little bit too light for me, and seeing as I tan easily, B30 fitted better with my tone. This retails at £30.00, and considering I just spent £42 on skin care I decided I couldn't buy this.
It felt so soft on my face, literally effortless, silky and smooth. It just felt like a really really soft moisturiser. My face didn't feel heavy with make up; So I can see why everyone is rating this lately! I may buy this next time I get paid. At the minute £30 was just a bit too pricey for me!

So that's all I bought!

Do you use Clinque skin care?
What's the new Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua like for you? What shade do you wear?



  1. WOOOOOO!!! You got the sample!!
    So happs for you!!!

  2. i know right! the lady well didn't want to give me it haha. i could tell!
    £31 though... ouch! xxxxxx