Sunday, May 8


So after literally about a year of waiting to get my hands on Urban Decay's Naked palette, I finally got one!
Here is my new babe!

Actually can't believe I've waited so long to get this. It's ridiculous!
I got it at Debenhams for £32. I also got a Beauty club card? Not sure what it is, similar to a Boots card apparently? I've got points on there now so I think I get money off my next purchase, or I can turn the points into money. I'll have to have a read up. It's worth getting one though!

I was gonna do some swatches of the palette but at the moment it looks too good to dent/mess up! I'm sure you all know about this palette anyway! I just wanted to share that I've finally got one after ages! 
I must admit, I'm not as bothered about getting it as I thought I would be. I wanted it so much when it first came out, but since I've been waiting forever as it constantly went out of stock, I relaxed about it a bit. 

However, it's a great feeling having it in my make up stock! 


  1. This looks delishas! I may have to invest. Had a change of heart on the blog... take a peek darling. Let me know if the palette is as good as you think once you get using. x

  2. I am jelous, but just cant seem to make myself part with the money!

    cute blog too, now following :) x

  3. Jen:
    You have to part with the money! It's such a great palette! Go and have a cheeky swatch of the colours in a store! :) I'll follow your blog too! xxx