Wednesday, May 25

This is literally amazing.

I've been looking at a few blogs along with youtube recently and I came across this literally, amazing nail art.
It's called Water Marble.
On youtube, a lovely lady under the name of SimpleLittlePleasures, has been creating these amazing patterns.
So, I thought I'd have a go myself!

So basically, what you do;

Get a cup of water (preferably filtered)
Take some nail polishes, start off with 2 colours
Drip a blob of the nail polishes in the water one after the other
(A target like effect will appear)
Take a cocktail stick
Move the water about creating a pattern
Prep your skin around your nails with tape
Dip your nail into the water and the pattern take effect

and literally, VOILA!
How amazing is that. 
I'll post a video of SimpleLittlePleasures, and how she does it here:

Here is my favourite nail I done!

To create my effect, I used BarryM Peach Melba and BeautyUK Pink Explosion

Let me know what you think, or if you have a go yourself!



  1. I love this, but haven't tried it yet - I think I need to xo

  2. i saw a tutorial on this the other day but had completely forgotten about it until i read this now. definitely have to try it out soon. yours look great!


  3. Ive seen this everywhere but must say yours looks the best so far haha love the colours you have chosen they remind me of the sweets fruit salads mmm sweets! Definately going to have to try this. Thanks for my comment on my blog xx :o)

  4. this is pretty much the coolest thing ever! lovely choice of colours x

  5. bec this is lovely, i'm gonna give it a try xxx

  6. ahh mine are so colourful, i think Joe was just happy I was finished! mines look completely different to yours, def doing this again soon. kudos on the find ;)
    Ral xx

  7. i can see a few plastic cups making their way home with me from work. have wanted to do this for a while & definitely goin to now i know how!!
    love it!

  8. looove this! definately gonna have to try it out xxx

  9. I love this, it looks very good :) gonna try this out sometime.

  10. Hi from a new follower :)
    This looks amazing, I have just bought three Barry M nail varnishes from the new ice cream range and have been so stuck as to which colour to wear, now I only have to wean out one.
    Will link you if I do a post on it :D xx

  11. Love the effect and choice of colours.

  12. wow! i love this! and this blog is so cool :) keep up the great job you're doing!
    Kisses ;)

  13. hey,niucew blog,im following,
    the nail polish looks fab i am definatly going to have a go :)