Saturday, May 14

This is getting terrible!

My make-up obsession is getting quite literally terrible. Seeing as I work full time now and travel quite a bit to get to work, I do a fair bit on petrol. So having spare money at the minute is pretty rare! I bought the naked palette a little while ago, and now I've just gone and bought this!

It's all these blogs I keep reading! There a bad influence!
I got a sample of the new Vitalumiere Aqua a little while ago, which I featured in another post. The sample did look pretty tiny and I didn't think I'd get much out of it AT all. But I was wrong! I got a good, 3 full make-up uses out of it. So that was a good thing I found out; It would last long! 

If I'm completely honest, I thought this foundation was going to be overrated. But to my surprise it's not. I got a real good coverage with this that lasted all day. I used a translucent power over the top to 'matte' my face. With an added lip stain just over the top of that. 
I love make-up that lasts all day, like my 24/7 UB Eyeliner! So this was really good find. 
The shade I got in the Chanel foundation was B30 - Sable. The good thing also with this, is that it has SPF 15, so no need for added sun protection as it's already in there! 

I got this in John Lewis as they were doing a 10% offer. The foundation normally retails at around £32? I believe. Also, this is a bit cheeky, but my family have a John Lewis card that entitles us to 25% off. So that plus an extra 10% off, was a beautiful 35%! 
This is probably making you jealous and I'm sorry but I have to share! So I paid just £21 for this baby. Which I am very happy with. 
However, that still is alot of money, and I'm really not one to spend loads on big names of make-up, so this is kinda a second for me! 
But I'm so excited to try it out! Especially the fact that it lasts all day and I have no need for top ups!

If you can get a sample of this I honestly would recommend it. I simply just asked for one at my local Chanel counter. The lady at the counter wouldn't budge at first, but after I said I wasn't paying the original £32, she gave me one. I always find their a bit awkward when it comes to asking for samples! (Who knows why!) 

I also bought these laaaavly pillows for my room as I'm eventually going to decorate it a light purple! The colour I'm painting is called Dusted Damson. 
I bought these 2 pillows from Matalan, 2 for £12! (I put down lingerie for these!)

So, £32 later, those were my buys of the day!
I'm never going to be able to save money with make-up around...


  1. I really want to try the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua so I think I will have to get it on my next make-up splurge!xx

  2. Ha ha, sometimes I feel exactly the same- reading beauty blogs can be a rather costly addiction, lol
    I wouldn't have bought myself the Bronze Universel by Chanel if it weren't all those rave reviews on Blogger... Not that I regret it, though ;) ;)


  3. I'm lovin your blog!! I'm a lil addicted to makeup/products too...oh well, only live once!! it could be worse ha!

    come check me out :)

  4. Rachel:
    Hello! Try it! Or at least get a sample! I should put a photo on here of what it looks like on me, so if I get chance I will do! It has such a great coverage, especially my nose as that gets all shiney! Let me know if you get it! xxx

    Hello! Haha I know! They are such a bad influence! I must of spent about £80 last month on make up! Let me know of anything new that I can try out! I'll never say no to buying make up haha!

    Shimmer La Rue:
    Hello! Thank you! Haha we can be addicted together! And that's exactly my motto! You only live once! I'll be sure to follow your blog! xxx

  5. where you watching MissGlamourazzi and Fleur de Force. They keep ravings about this foundation. I am tempted but it does seem a bit out of my price range. I currently use Rimmel 25 hour foundation and it's been matches me quite well.

  6. sophiesdish:
    Hey! I have been watching those two yeah! I know what you mean about the price. I would never really think about buying a foundation that expensive. But I think the time I bought it I got a good price and just thought I'd treat myself! I'm tempted to try the Bourjous Healthy Glow next, I've seen alot of ratings about that one too! Get a sample of the Chanel one like I did :) xx