Thursday, May 5

What a way to make a living!

So now I'm a 9-5 girlie, I'm super tired waking up at half 6 every morning! I've gotta start getting used to it! So bare with me if I don't post as often!

My brother just came back from Mexico the other day all tanned and what not. (Completely jealous)
I came in from work and found this on the side!...

Jimmy Choo perfume! I've wanted this since it came out, my brother was the one who told me about it. But obviously being young and spending silly amounts of money I couldn't afford it!
Was super happy when I saw he got it for me! What a lovely sibling!
And best of all, its 100ml! So it's gonna last me a life time!

If you haven't smelt this, you have to.
It's hard to describe it typing, but I honestly love it. I'll try and describe it. 
It's sweet, one of those smells that when you walk past someone who's wearing it you can instantly get a woft! I love that. Definately long lasting and strong. My boyfriend loves it!

I think it's similar to Thierry Mugler: Alien and Victor & Rolf: Flowerbomb.
These are 2 other perfumes I have and am completely in love with!

Theirry Mugler: Alien
Another overpowering scent, I've worn this for ages!
Always, always get compliments when I wear this.

Victor & Rolf: Flowerbomb
Again, another strong scent, always get compliments with this too!

Try and smell these if you haven't, they are gorg!


  1. I love Alien, you're right people always comment when I wear it. My friends always say it smells like 'Katy' (me) when I spritz a bit. I love having a recognisible scent. Gorgeous bottle too. I want to try flowerbomb now I've read this though!

    Katy xx

  2. Hello! Haha my friends say that too! It's like my statement perfume now!
    Flowerbomb is gorgeous! It's another one of those 'pongy' smells what you can smell from far away. Give Flowerbomb a go and let me know what you think! xxx