Monday, May 23


Now, I'm not sure why I'm putting a photo of my face this close and moody on here! But I thought I'd show you my daily make-up...

Sorry for the moody look haha. 
Anyway the make-up I'm wearing, and the order I put it on in:

Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer - Medium
Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - B30; Sable
Powder: The Body Shop; Loose powder 03
Cheeks/Lips: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain, No 17 small little lipgloss? (Can't remember!)
Eyes: Urban Decay Eden Primer, Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner - Zero, MAC Dazzle Lash Mascara

aaaaaand I think that's it? I look so moody ha!

I change my lip colour daily depending on what I'm wearing! Today I'm wearing all black so thought I'd put a bit of a statement colour on! 

So! I think that's it on the make-up part!

I've been meaning to ask; What do you think of the new Glossybox?
I'm not sure whether to get it! Normally I'd jump straight to it, but when I weigh up £120 a year for one box a month, I think I could save all that money then buy the make-up I want!

If you don't know what it is, type Glossybox in Google and find out more info!
But for a quick summary;
You pay £10 a month for a box like the picture, in which you receive 5 high end brand products!
Make-up/cosmetics/smellys etc!



  1. The cheek stain from TBS is one of my favourites! It looks great on you ;)

    Currently there is no Glossybox/Birchbox option in my country- but now that you put it this way, if I had to choose between a 120E fee per year on Glossybox or save up this money and buy the products I choose, I'd rather go with the 2nd option. I don't really like surprises, so to pay in advance for something that may or may not work for me might not be really worth it...

  2. You make me want to have my full fringe cut back in! :)

    & I was thinking about glossybox, but when you really think about it, you are never going to like / need all 5 products. Like you said £120 a year is a lot of money! x x x

  3. Loving the make-up and your whole look! Really strong and stunning.

    The glossybox does sound like a fab idea but i would want to be able to select what i'm going to recieve rather than it being a surprise! xx :o)