Friday, May 20

Dipping my 'Savings' for Make-up is not good...

Hello! Thank you to all my new followers who have joined my blog recently! I really appreciate it! Knowing that you've all clicked that little button that says 'Follow' means a great deal to me!

So my blog for today; Once again I've been shopping and I really shouldn't have. I've spent money from my savings which is not good and I definately didn't even need any of the things that I bought. But! Like many other shopping addicts, I literally just can't resist!

I decided I wanted to buy a new nail polish, and also wanted to try the, averagely new? Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer. I've seen alot of other girls talk about this product on their blogs, so I wanted to see what the hype was about!

You can't really see but on the little black spot in the middle, it states '16 Hour Wear'. My camera decided not to show this! 
Now, I must admit, when I see products like this, they are always hard to believe that 8, 12 or 16 hours for a full coverage of make-up, and no top ups necessary, is unbelievable. But deliberation aside, this product is quite true to its words! I dabbed a bit of the product on my nose in the store as my foundation had worn off a little, my shiny nose was peeping through! That was around, 4 o'clock? Now it's 21:19, and my nose is still covered! So, 5 hours later, we're doing well! 
I'll try this more tomorrow when I apply my make-up in the morning, but so far so good! I think this is gonna work! The concealer costs around £4 in Superdrug which I think is pretty reasonable. Especially if it stays there for 16 hours!
So all in all, I'm pretty pleased with this buy of the day! 


My nail polish!
I am quite in love with this colour now I've bought it home! I wasn't too sure what shade I was after, but after seeing this I decided I had to get it! 

I took this photo like this just so you could see what it looks like in the bottle. Very pretty! A glittery purpley taupe kind of colour. It's called 'Dusky Mauve 313'

And again this photo so you can see my nails. I haven't cleaned them up yet so they look a bit messy! But I think it's a really lovely colour. As always BarryM polishes cost £2.99, or 2 for £5.00. I only got the one today as I couldn't decide on another! 
It's one of those colours that when it catches the sun, it really stands out! Like those cars you sometimes see that change colour! I really like this though. I better get on with the other hand!


Now this! I am so annoyed about haha! I was in House of Fraser when I saw this cute little Clinique make-up bag that had all these items inside!

So, the deal is, you buy 2 items from Clinique. A skin care item and anything else, then you get this cute little baby for free! 
If only I had bought my Clinique skin care range in House of Fraser. AHHHHH!
I literally think I'm just going to have to buy something on purpose to get this. I know it's not really free as you are still buying 2 products, but it's such good value! 

Inside you get: (the bag obviously)
7 day scrub cream rinse off formula - 50ml
Superdefense SPF 25 age defense moisturizer - 15ml
Blended face powder in Invisible blend
High impact Mascara in black
Superbalm moisturizing gloss in grapefruit - 7ml
2 piece brush set: Power and foundation
Plus! Your own choice of superbalanced make-up 15ml in:Vanilla, ivory or sand.

So. I'm pretty gutted I didn't see this earlier and get my Clinique stuff in HOF!
Hurry though! The offer ends on the 28th May. (pay day) :D So you know where I'll be on the 28th!


Lastly, just thought I'd show you the 2 cute tops I bought from good ole Primark!

Love love love this! The material honestly feels so good, like silk. I think it's the best material I've ever felt in Primark. It's one of those tops that comes up kind of short, so I'll probably wear high waisted shorts with it or a bodycon dress or top underneath! For £5 though! You can't go wrong!

Love this also. £8. Again it's a short body top. Underneath theres a little boob tube/bandeau styled crop top which covers your main area! Then the tassles at the waist just flow down over your belly (if you want it out!) 
Personally, again, I think i'll wear this with high waisted shorts or a top underneath so my belly isn't out! But who knows one day I might be feeling brave! Or the weather might be nice!


And lastly, I bought this gorgeous scarf for £5 in a random new shop I found!

I don't think this photo does much favours for it, but I love it! It has cream spots with a brown background as you can see. Then a thick strip of cream on one end of the scarf. The material is really light so I'll probably wear this in both summer and winter! Whatever the weather decides to be!


  1. Oh that's not fair, everyone raves about the Col.2000 concealer- it's not available where I live, booo!!! No Primark shops either :(

    Lovely haul, hun!

  2. You've just made me want that concealer x100 more. Saturday shopping it is :) Check out my post on skincare :) xx

  3. cbsg5861:
    If you wanted to I could send you one in the colour suited to you?! I think they had either Light or Medium. I got Medium as I've got olivey skin! Hope you're well! xxx

    Wooo! I've tried it again today and I love it more than yesterday! I'll check it out right now! xxx

  4. I love your post humor. It seems I have the same problem about "dipping" into my savings. Today I went to CVS (drugstore) and I got loads of nail polishes. I really like the mauve one you got from Barry M. That clinque set looks quite cute.

  5. i bought this concealer yesterday, i love it already! the clinique offer looks really good