Wednesday, June 1


I haven't posted for a week! Eek!
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I bet we all have a slight problem with storing make-up right? In my bedroom when I apply make-up, hair etc, I've got this little unit where the top opens and inside is all my bits and bobs!
Anyway, when I decided I needed some kind of containers, I remembered good ole Muji. You may or may not of heard of this store, but it's honestly great. They do all sorts from clothes, to candles to storage!

Here are some images of the storage containers I bought just the right size for make-up!

  credit; 12

I got those 2 and a few other ones! They were so reasonably priced too, the smaller one was 95p and the larger was £1.95! So good! Therefore I got quite a few! In those two I put lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras etc.

So, let me show you my make-up storage!

Before and after...

So here is obviously before...
Quite dreadful, that poor make-up!

Taaaaaa-daaaaa! After!
Much better, all organised!

Though I must admit.

I do have another drawer of make-up...

Haul post coming soon showing where I've been spending money that I shouldn't be! x


  1. Hi, I'd love to do that swap for a sleek palette. Yes I have used the sonia kashuk hidden agenda concealer palette and it is quite good. They sell them at Target here. It might be easier if we just email each other. My email is I love your blog by the way! I totally trying organize my makeup right now. I got this makeup organizer shaped like the Eiffel tower's a bit cheesy but I'm psyched for it.

  2. Oh so much easier to find everything now! I love having mega sort outs and getting all tidy, although normally when I end up doing it within a few weeks it's back to being a mess again! Hope yours lasts x