Friday, June 17

Think a bird flew into my window...

Haha, how's that for a photo! 

I've really gotta start doing my posts more! I'm slacking!
But I've got a little haul for you! I went shopping today with my Mumma, she's my shopping partner!
I picked up a few new bits that I wanted to try.

So, here goes!

I stayed at my boyfriends the other night, had a shower in the morning and used this beaut conditioning protecting masque on my hair. He said it wasn't his, but he described how it worked so well, I began to differ haha! So, I picked it up on my shopping trip today. I used a slightly different one to the one I bought, but this is for coloured hair, so... perfect for me!

It's quite a big ole tub so I think it'll last me a while!
The routine ideally, is to use the colour protect shampoo, then conditioner and once a week use this masque for an 'extra protective boost'.
The one I used the other day made my hair smell so good and feel so soft, I needed to get it!
I got this in Superdrug for around £4. So, if I'm gonna use this once a week, I think £4 is rather good!

I also picked up a Beautycard which Superdrug are now doing! Not sure what it does, I'm guessing it's like all the other cards I've got in my purse!

Next up. I've literally wanted to try the Aussie hair products for SO long. But the price always puts me off. But I finally caved in after however long it's been and bought them!

I bought these 2 from Tesco for around £7. Superdrug were doing a deal; 2 for £5.99. But the stock was pretty limited so I decided on good ole 'every little helps'.
I love the little slogan on these bottles! Pretty sarcastic just like me. I can't wait to try these though. I'm thinking I may only use them on special occasions seeing as I don't wanna pay out £7 each time for a new pair! These are with 'Australian wild peach' ...which to me, sound b-e-a-u-tttiful!
Not sure why the conditioner is smaller than the shampoo though. I suppose it will limit how much I squeeze if I've paid £7!

Next, good ole BarryM Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail hardener.
I've never used any other version so if you've got any suggestions, throw them my way! This was £2.99 from Superdrug, once again.
For me personally, I find that this helps my nail polish stay on really well. It hardly chips, but that may be because I don't work hard enough. Who knows... I'm sure it's not!

Now this, I've really wanted to try since I've seen the gorgeous advert with Jennifer Lopez in!

The new L'Oreal Glam Shine Fresh lipgloss. I think this one is Aqua Mandarin. I got this for £5.99? I believe! So, straight away, not sure about this! In the advert, here is what the beautiful Lopez looks like wearing the Aqua Mandarin Shine.

Ahem... and me.

Personally, I can't see no orangey glistening shine. The advantages of the new lip gloss are that its L'Oreal's first, enriched with Vitamin C & E and the description does it make it sounds so alluring;
'The patented heart-shape applicator for precise application of L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Fresh to the lips. The centre of the heart captures the formula so one quick sweep of the wand is all you need to for glossy lips with a mirror like shine effect' ...sounds dreamy right?

The only thing I'd say is that I found it came off quite quickly compared to the L'Oreal 6HR lip gloss. However the texture of that one is slightly more stickier than the glam shine.
I think this gloss will be nice if you're on holiday and just want a quick refreshing top up fulfilled with Vitamins. I'm just a little bit gutted there's not an orangey glistening shine!

Lastly! I popped into BHS as they do some nice jewellery for a fairly reasonable price! I picked up these two;

I fancied some dangly earrings and these ones tickled my fancy! Think they will look quite nice with my hair down and wavy or completely up and visible! And of course, a ring. I can't come away from a shopping trip without one. So I picked up this cute leaf-like styled twisted ring.

Not a bad shopping trip really. Seeing as I actually went to buy things for Fathers Day, I think I got a little distracted!

Let's just hope he understands! :)

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  1. That bird picture is hilarious :-)
    cute purchases x