Monday, June 20

MD Formulations/Annoying little white spots!

(Beware! Information overload!)

Today I'm going to post about Milia. Or Milk spot/Oil seed as some may know it!

For those who don't know, Milia/Milium are very common and as far as I'm aware any age group, male or female can suffer from them, even babas and Myself included.

They are basically a small cyst that are trapped beneath the skin. Sometimes they can be mistaken for whiteheads or small spots etc. They can be hereditary (my Dad's got them) and some can appear by literally the products you use on your face. 

Here is a picture from Wikipedia.

If you're wondering why I apparently know so much about them, it's because I've literally been non stop researching them and trying products to get rid of them for ages! 
And finally, I think there may be a solution. 

MD Formulations is a brand associated with Bare Escentuals and after much research and asking for advice, ringing round, reading magazines. I came across a 'solution'

I first saw an extract in More Magazine which described those 'little white lumps' and how you can get rid of them!

2 ways; via a beauty therapist who knows what she's doing when it comes to Milia, so you'd have a facial/extract etc. OR a product that contains Glycolic Acid, which is a natural sugar.

Glycolic Acid basically helps stop dead skin cells getting trapped beneath the skin. A suggestion for this was a product by MD Formulations called very simply, Facial Lotion. (However it's now been updated and is called 'Continuous Renewal Serum')

(Sorry for the massive long writing post!) Unfortunately you can't buy MD products in shops or retail stores, but only by Salons or Beauty therapists.

So let me introduce you to my beloved. Milia. :/

You can double click on the photo to see them more close up! So I've got them on my eyelid, socket and now I'm noticing them around my temple and a little bit on my cheeks. NOT cool. To be fair, I can cover them fairly well with make-up, but the more I look in the mirror, which is every day (obv) the more I notice them. It's a self conscious thing I suppose, everyone else says they can't see them when I ask. But I think if doing something about it will make me feel better, then why not!

So after all this research, advice, questions, answers, etc etc etc! I went to a salon to get hold of this 'Continuous Renewal Serum'
The lady I saw was so genuine and put no pressure on me at all to buy the product, yet she told me exactly what I needed to know and even done a small session of Milia removal. 
Milia removal is basically; using a pin (a posh one) to take off the head of the Milia and then push the blockage out. Obviously you get a little mark when this is done, so ideally if you get the removal, get it when you're not going out anywhere that night! (If you don't want to be seen)

Here's a pic of my skin after the Milia was extracted.

Just 2 little blood spots. The skin bleeds once they have been removed and then scab over. It's really nothing major, but if you've got a whole face of scabs... I know I wouldn't want to go out!
All the removal felt like, was someone picking at a scab on my face. It really didn't hurt and was completely bearable. I'd say the only thing that did hurt, was when the therapist squeezed out the Milia (but not alot).

So the dollar! MD doesn't come cheap. Before going to the salon which I did, I rang around ALOT of places to compare prices and information etc. However, everyone came out with same price, but the salon I went to provided the most information.

Ready for the price? ... a depressing, £41. 

£41?!?!?!?!?!?! Terrible! 
But, I knew I wanted it, and my motto nowadays is '**** it'

So, I came away with this treasure!

There were other products such as a cleanser, moisturiser and sun protector. But I literally couldn't afford/didn't want to pay out, £80 for products that I've never used before. I had my sensible head on here! Because of this, my skin care regime will now consist of;

Clinique facial wash
Clinique cleanser
MD Formulations serum
Clinique Dramatic moisturiser

...and hopefully I should start noticing a difference. The only thing I had a complication with, is because I've already got the Milia, ideally, they would have to extracted for the product to really really work. BUT, the serum WILL still work otherwise. (But basically it'd just be a bit better to get them removed beforehand) Let me mention, the serum in the picture, provides 12% of Glycolic Acid which helps 'peel' the face. However, if you have a Glycolic/Milia extract facial, 40% of Glycolic Acid is used. So, really, the facial is more intense, but comes at a hefty price of £45. (More than the serum!) crazy...

At the place I went to, Milia removal was £15 for 15 minutes. Which I think is, O-k. But when you add up all the money you would be spending, it is alot. 

So. All I've got to do now is start using the serum. I've been told to use the serum in the mornings for 1 week, along with my other skin care products, and after 3-4 days, I should start noticing my skin getting softer. Then after the week, I'll start using the serum day and night.

Also, I think I may take a daily photo to notice any changes to my skin because of the serum! So keep your eyes peeled for a week fulfilled with my Milia face!

Sorry for all the info, but I hope this has helped anyone else who suffers with Milia, or anyone who finds information like this interesting! Cos' I know I do!

Hope you're all well.
Speak soon. x


  1. That's such an informative post! I have some tiny milia spots under my eyes, where the dark circles are formed, and thought they were going to be permanent. I may not be able to get hold of this particular product, but anything with enough Glycolic Acid will do me good, I suppose! Thank you for this post ;)


  2. Good luck with getting rid of it :) I'm glad you've found something that'll actually work.


  3. some clinique creams are heavy and block more pores up on my face and make more milia spots, that why i cant use them. I also have trouble with milia and get it under my eyes, on my lids and on large areas of my cheeks although they are flatter on my cheeks. I have trouble finding face creams and moisturisers for my skin but i came across GARNIER pure active which is a moisturiser that also contains Glycolic acid. Its really good!! it lets my skin breath with out clogging it up and just sitting on my face like other facial products. Its affordable and you can buy it on the high street!