Friday, June 10

Free Benefit Gift with Glamour?!

So hopefully you all know this, or may be getting this as I write!

Glamour Magazine is giving away FREE Benefit gifts with their July issue Magazine!!!
If my friend Kirsty hadn't reminded me I would of missed out on this freebie! Seeing as I'm the most indecisive person in the world (everyone who knows me will agree) I decided that I couldn't just pick up one magazine with one freebie.
So... I picked up two. Oh dear.
Although! Glamour magazine is £2! So at this present moment, I could afford it! Plus... £2 for about £20 worth of products? VERY good!

(excuse the low quality picture!)

I picked up the magazines with the Benefit 'High Beam' and 'Posie Tint'.
I'm gonna be honest and say, I've actually never used a Benefit product. Which probably seems quite weird! So I thought this was a perfect opportunity, to pay a little price and try a product!
I always use a lip and cheek stain, so the 'Posie Tint' seemed like a good pick!
Now I'll probably compare this and my beloved Body Shop one!
The other magazine was with 'High Beam'. This is a 'luminescent complexion enhancer'. Again I've never used this nor have I tried a highlighter/illuminator before! So this will be a completely new one for me!

First impressions...

Very cute packaging! 
Posie Tint's packaging looks so glamourous, so I can't wait to try it! 
High Beam; bit weary as I've never tried a highlighter before! 
Both of these are only 4.0ml, so they are perfect if you just want to 'try before you buy' (even though you've paid £2) Also great if you just want a mini version in your make-up bag! I'll probably keep mine in there if I like it! (I'm yet to try both!)

Posie Tint is more Pink than I thought it would be! But it does say 'poppy pink' on the box! 
High Beam looks exciting now. Nice shimmery silver/peach colour! 

This is probably the worst swatch as my camera wouldn't focus :(
But on the left is Posie Tint and the right High Beam.

Now I've undone both of the packages and checked them out, I am excited to try them! 

I'm not sure why I've never tried Benefit products. Sometimes the names of what the products are called, put me off. I don't really like it when things have weird names, I'd rather they just say what the product does! But that's just my personal opinion I guess! 
Who knows, my mind might be converted after trying these! 

And for £2? You can't really complain!
If you've tried these 2 products please let me know what you think of them, as I am a Benefit newbie!

Speak soon!

(p.s page 200 in Glamour Mag for Benefit freebie advice!)

Have you tried Benefit products? If so, what ones?
Did you pick up the Glamour mag? What did you pick?
Are you a Benefit newbie?


  1. i saw these yesterday when i was at the till in boots and was so tempted to go pick one or two up - wish i had now! i've got a tiny sample of high beam and i used to use it everyday, it's lovely. might have to go pick up the one with posie tint though now!


  2. Ahh i got the same two. Although they seem so tiny you dont need to use a lot so i reckon they will last longer than they look (haha) xx

  3. jealous, i want the posie tint, the colour is lush, but all my local newsagents have run out of glamour! want its so much as i am livin on a crazy tight budget (see my blog, im getting all my beauty needs for £50 til sep..) love blog btw hun, following xxxx

  4. Benetint is the best. So finding these, thanks! x hivenn

  5. I got these too as well....

    love your blog, I'm following!

    Would love you to enter my CHANEL giveaway:


  6. That's a great deal!

    I haven't tried any Benefit products yet, they are too expensive over here in my opinion, so too bad :p

  7. you know my love of high beam, perfect for my skin tone as it blends really well with my other makeup. I still really like the more waxy highlighter in the smoking eyes kit though, although highbeam is much lighter and nicer to wear :) xx