Wednesday, April 20

26 Degrees

Apparently it's 26 degrees outside?! I can see it from my window but I haven't been outside yet.
I thought I'd do a quick blog seeing as I'm still in my pyjamas!
I painted my nails yesterday that new yellow 'Sherbet Lemons' Collection 2000 nail varnish. It's pretty bright! I do quite like it, though normally I wear more darker shades, a bit more softer. However the other day my nails were 'Pink Explosion' so you can imagine what that was like...

I do really like it, though the only disadvantage, (whether it's my personal opinion or not) was that I had to put on a good 3 coats before it got to the way I wanted it to be! I also used BarryM; Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener before and after I did the yellow just to set it and make it look more shiney!

If the weather stays at 26 degrees, I'll more than likely be wearing brighter shades than this! 

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