Monday, August 1

My new babies

I'm getting bad at posting lately, but I simply haven't bought alot! Also, I've gotta watch my money!

Saying that... I did splurge out and buy these gorgeous shoes from Office.

Oh, wow.
I love them! I was looking for a new pair as I was going out that night and fancied treating myself. Oops!
I knew I wanted wedges in a kind of nude colour, so that's what I was aiming for! (As I hate shopping aimlessly!)
Went in Primark, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, you name it, I went there. Then this gorgeous pair caught my eye! Originally they were £65 (depressing, I know) But after a nice lady who works there saw me looking at them, she asked "What are you thinking?" I simply said, "I like the shoes! I just don't like the price!" (Hahaaaa...)
And with saying that, BAM! "Would it tempt you if I said I'll give you 10% off?"

"Eeeerrrrrr, yes!"

So, it just goes to show with a bit of bartering, you can get somewhere!
I know it was only about £6 off, but still, better than nothing!

And then...

I went shopping round my local area and found these beauties in another shop! For some reason, I'm really into wedges at the moment!

They look much better on! This photo doesn't really do them justice.
But I fancied a pair of lower wedges to wear casually! I'm pretty tall anyway, about 5"6/7. So this height was just, ok. I still look tall with them but not massive.
And the best of all, they were only, £5! Whaaaaaattt!
They were from a shop called 'Risky' (cringe I know).

But for a fiver! I'm definately not complaining!


  1. love the top wedges,i used to wear some like the bottom pic in the 90's,loved them then and love them now,glad they have come back in :)

  2. Love the office wedges... I've got serious shoe jealousy!


  3. OMG love the office wedges. I've been looking for a pair just like that. Great style lady! xx -Lerin