Tuesday, August 23

A little update...

So for all of you guys that read my blog, I thought I'd give you a little update as to why I haven't been posting as much!

I recently got a new job, full time, with... Dior!
Very exciting!

I've been training, going up and down london every week and I literally haven't had the time to post, or I've been too tired! I even forgot about my August GlossyBox coming through! (I wasn't that pleased with it!)

Just wanted to let you know, I'm still here, I'm just struggling to fit the time in to post at the moment!
I've bought some new products lately that I really want to share with you all and soon enough I'm sure I'll be able to share posh Dior products too!

But I hope you're all well! If you've got any ideas of things I can post, or things I can post that aren't time consuming, let me know!

Hope you're well!
Talk soon!

Bec. xxx

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