Monday, December 5

I shouldn't be buying myself presents when Santa is here in 20 days...

So I accidentally took a trip to MAC. Bought some stuff, obviously. But in all seriousness, I did need a new blusher! So I picked these babies up:

 A cheeky little paint pot and a creme blush!

The paint pot is in 'Bare Study', a fairly popular one!
And the creme blush is in 'Posey'.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't own ALOT of MAC products, but my collection is slowly growing. 
The paint pot was around £13 and the Blush was roughly £17.

Here is a rough swatch of the 2 products. Obviously they look much better on your face but I've been lazy and not taken a picture! I apply both of these with my fingers, which I'm not keen about as I'm a bit OCD. But I manage to manage in the mornings!

Can you believe its 20 days till Christmas? Whaaaatt the hell!

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  1. You have to treat yourself at christmas! Such pretty shades, very jealous of the mac-ey-ness (not a word but oh well) going on here. btw love your youtube videos! xxx