Tuesday, July 12

Collection 2000 Bargain New Mascara!

Collection 2000 have recently bought out this new mascara.
'Super Size Fat Lash'
It says, 'Supersize your lashes! Super volumising mascara for big bold lashes'. I got this in Superdrug when I noticed Collection 2000 were doing a offer, 'any products £2.99 and under, get 2 for £5. So, obviously, I jumped at the chance and bought 2 things for a fiver. I got a lipstick for a friend and knew I needed a new mascara, so thought I'd give this a go!
Seeing as some Collection 2000 products are really good, I wondered if this would be too!
But, after applying the mascara to one eye and seeing the outcome, I'm not sure I'm pleased.

So this is with.

And this is without.

To say the least, I'm pretty disappointed! The packaging states, 'big bold lashes' and I don't think I can see any! I'm thinking that it might of been £2.99 for a reason. I did only pick this up on a whim of trying a new mascara but I am quite disappointed. I like my lashes big and bold! You can see a difference in the photos, but I don't think these lashes would stay elevated and maybe a re-application would be necessary!

So I'd say, if you're gonna get the £5 deal for 2 items, go for 2 lipsticks or something else! 


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  1. Thats such a shame because I really like the packaging! xx