Friday, March 16


So I've been after a new foundation brush for a little while, and since these babies came out I've been dying to try them but just haven't got round to buying them! So I finally caved in the other day and bought the Core Collection by Real Techniques (Sam Chapman) from Boots. 
This was £21.99, plus you get your boots points! 

I originally went in for the Stippling Brush as I wanted to apply my foundation more flawlessly. However when I saw the Buffing Brush, I realised it looked more sturdy and would most likely give the finish I was after! The Stippling Brush on its own it £11.99, but because I was undecided I opted for the set which only cost me a tenner more, with a brush I thought would be ideal for moi! 

I've used the brush already and can safely say it does an amazing job. I've realised it makes my application of foundation quicker, more flawless and more even. I think I may have officially been put off the cliché foundation brushes! 

Also in the set as you can see there is, a pointed foundation brush, a contour brush and a detailer brush. I have yet only used the detailer brush to conceal small areas around my eyes and for those little awkward areas! The contour brush is aimed to use for applying a bit more definition, i.e.; highlight or contouring and obviously the foundation for foundation. Though I reckon the 'point' will come in handy. 

Just a little update! I'm off work for ten days now as I have holiday owed! Thank god! So hopefully I'll do a few more posts and get back on the blogging and youtube scene. Hope you're well! Xx

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