Sunday, April 8

Too many eggs

I wasn't that great at posting in my 2 weeks off was I!

I've literally been meaning to buy these 2 products for ages! So finally caved in the other day and treated myself! One is the much known, Bronze Universel from Chanel and the other YSL's Shocking mascara.

This mascara, I think is honestly one of the best I've come across! I am completely in love with it after I got a small sample (hence why I needed to buy it!) I think the mascara is normaly around £23? Though I got it for 10% as John Lewis were on discount! (lovely!) 

Here is the result! I love it!

The first time I tried this with the sample, no joke, my Mum actually complimented me on wearing 'false eyelashes' ...she was not to know they were real! The mascara smells gorgeous aswell, like its nourishing the lashes whilst you wear it. I find that my lashes stay elevated all day and I don't really need a top up! This is definately one that is going to stay in my kit! 

Next, the gorgeous Bronze Universel or Soleil Tan De Chanel.
I know mostly everyone went crazy about this a year or so back, but back then I wasn't that interested in it. Although working in cosmetics and what not, I decided that I needed to try it. I got one of the girls on the counter to apply it for me. It gave me a gorgeous, healthy summer glow. (I got compliments wearing this too!) Again, I got this for 10% off at £25.74 in the colour Deep Black, but normally its around £28. 
I need to post a picture! 

Another purchase I got lately was the new lipstick from Dior, called Addict Extreme.

You may remember the other lipsticks from Dior called Addict represented by Kate Moss. But this is their new version that is a lot more vibrant, bolder and colourful. These lipsticks retail at £24.

I got the colour 'Lucky' which is the one that Kate represents on the advert. Its a sweet red/pink colour that is lovely for summer! I find that the lipsticks are moisturising and stay on fairly longer than the old Addict. They are great for a top up in the day time and come in 12 different shades. Starting with light pinks to dark purples, all in vibrant strong shades.

I think that's all my purchases for now! No doubt I would of bought something else in the next 3 days. 
Today I've realised that I don't eat a lot of chocolate. Although considering today is Easter Sunday, I have ate a lot! Which has made me realise my body just isn't used to it! 

Happy Easter!

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  1. Let me know if you want any shocking with my allocation when I next get it :)
    Emma x